English Versus Spanish Search Campaigns

Why You Need to Explore Spanish PPC Campaigns


Higher Click Through Rate


Higher Conversion Rate


Lower Cost Per Click


Lower Cost Per Conversion

After analyzing over thousands of businesses targeting both English and Spanish speakers across different industries, we find that Hispanic-targeted campaigns offer significantly higher click through rates and conversion rates as well as lower costs.

Hispanics Are The Next Media Jackpot

55M Hispanics in the US

18.1%of total US population

$1.5 Trillion in purchasing power

93% of Hispanics use Google as their primary search engine

73% of Hispanics research online before purchasing

30% of the US population will be Hispanic by 2050


PEW Research – Latinos as Percent of Population, By State, 2011

DMA Population Geoscape American Marketscape Data Stream and Consumer Spending Dynamix Series 2011

Top 10 States with the Largest

Hispanic Population

  • CA
  • AZ
  • NM
  • TX
  • TX
  • FL
  • GA
  • NJ
  • NY
  • IL
  • CO
  • 25-38% of state population
  • 12 to 20% of state population
  • Less than 10% of state population

Gain a Competitive Edge with Smart US Hispanic-Targeted Campaigns

  • Culturally-Relevant We create culturally relevant bilingual campaigns that resonate with the Hispanic audience.

  • Keywords Strategy Hispanics think and search in Spanish. We develop a new keyword strategy for your Spanish campaigns.

  • Tailored Ad Copy
    We don't translate your ads from English. We write new original ads for your Spanish campaigns.

  • Landing Pages in Spanish We create landing pages in Spanish for higher conversion rates and low bounce rates.

  • Mobile Campaigns 64% of Hispanics search on mobile. We write and manage your mobile ads to reach Hispanic mobile users.

  • Geo-Targeting We focus on locations with high Hispanic population that will bring the most ROI to your business.

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