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3 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Home Services Business



Digital marketing has become an essential part of a business’s marketing plan. In this day and age, searching for products and services online is more accessible and safer than browsing through a shopping mall during a pandemic.

With more people opting to stay home, there’s been a surge in home improvement search queries. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses various platforms for advertising what your business offers online, whether it is through Pay-per-click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’re here to show you the ropes of the various ways in which your home services business can prosper from implementing a solid digital marketing strategy.

Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising

The most common way to start your business’s digital marketing strategy while tapping into the home services industry online is through PPC advertising on the Google & Microsoft networks. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are known for being the most reliable way to get your business to expand its reach and attract potential customers who are actively searching for the services you offer.

Pay-per-click advertising with Google and Microsoft allows you to have complete control of your ad spend and bidding process. It’s like you’re automating certain aspects of reaching out to customers while they have already shown interest in what you’re selling. Think of it as a way to advertise while drilling down on the audience you know has a higher chance of becoming a lead or conversion in your books. Plus, pay-per-click isn’t just about clicking on an ad; it’s also about getting the attention of users and driving them to complete a specific action on your website. Conversion actions commonly associated with a strong digital marketing strategy include calling the business, filling out a contact form on the website, completing a transaction, etc.

As you dive into the strategy behind a PPC campaign, you’ll be able to see an increase in your numbers as more people find your business while browsing online and are more inclined to reach out for a consultation.

Want to see the strategy in action? Check out our client who was able to increase their website’s traffic volume while boosting their lead generation within the home services industry thanks to a well-executed PPC strategy.

Case Study: Boosting Lead Generation by Over 359% Within the Home Service Industry

Google search console metric analysis

Facebook Ads

Another great start to a successful digital marketing strategy for your business is social media advertising, specifically Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is similar to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising in the sense that you’re also “paying per click.” However, Facebook Ads provides different metrics that measure much more beyond “Clicks” and “Impressions” and are more attune with the audience’s social media profile information.

Facebook Ads is ideal for home services businesses. You get to connect with your business page’s followers and continue to build a community from your page following. In Facebook Ads, ads can get more and more personalized to a custom audience. Lookalike audiences are a feature available on Facebook that lets you target users with similar interests and traits from your other top-performing target users. It’s a win-win situation as an account manager on Facebook Ads because it is effortless to keep targeting people within the platform who match the characteristics you’re looking for in your home services business.

Take for example our client who was able to reconnect with audiences in their Facebook advertising campaigns and the results proved to be highly successful and effective.

Case Study: Reconnecting With Audiences for the Win

Web traffic insights

In turn, you’ll also find a big plus of Facebook Ads is that clicks are cheaper there. And it doesn’t end there. Facebook Ads can become a great asset to your marketing strategy because it will further increase your business’s digital presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Search Engine Optimization is the third method your business can start implementing a digital marketing strategy and drive more people to your website. SEO optimizes your website to deliver the best possible experience to your website visitors while maintaining relevant content and attracting organic traffic. At the same time, SEO provides a long-term approach to keep working on your website experience, decreasing your bounce rate and allowing visitors to complete an action within your site.

Additionally, SEO has multiple benefits and strategies to be implemented, such as a content strategy where you start a blog that will keep attracting visitors organically to your website.

Don’t be scared to dive more into what SEO can bring to your business. Check out our blog about SEO: “The small business owner guide to SEO.

Be sure to check out how our client was able to boost their organic ranking with our SEO strategy and in turn got more qualified leads visiting their website.

The results proved to have positively impacted their website traffic by 120%, increased their impressions by more than 138%, got their average position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) up by 11%, and increased their Domain Authority by 15%. For more information about this, check out the case study below.

Case Study: SEO Keyword Strategy to Boost Organic Ranking in the SERPs

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen in this blog, digital marketing is multiplatform, and the strategy will depend on where you decide to start advertising your home services business. Whether you go for the more traditional PPC or take a leap into the world of SEO, it’s more than certain that your business will benefit from a strong strategy in any of these digital marketing approaches.

Today, people browse online for services and products they want to purchase daily. Increasing your business’s digital presence will make the most out of this marketing reality; online advertising results in showcasing what you offer to people who want to hire your services.

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are the most traditional form to implement a digital marketing strategy that follows the pay-per-click ideal where you are getting ad clicks and in turn people visiting your website and interacting such as filling out contact forms or completing a transaction.

Next, we saw how Facebook Ads has become the epitome of social media advertising where businesses can easily connect with their business page followers and build a community around them to keep them as loyal customers of their brands.

Lastly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perfect for a long-term digital marketing strategy that will attract organic traffic to your business’s website while decreasing your site’s bounce rate and keeping your target audience engaged with relevant content.