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LinkedIn Profile Targeting: The Feature You’ve Been Waiting For



Do You Want Your Ads to Reach Business Decision-Makers Directly? You Can Actually Do That Now!

Tailoring your ads to specific audiences has taken a whole new meaning with Microsoft Advertising’s LinkedIn profile targeting. This feature is taking personalized marketing to a whole new level. It’s become the new way to show hyper-relevant content to people who are not only looking for your service but also work in the industry that your product was designed for. There are 630 million LinkedIn users and 63 million of them hold decision-making company roles. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what LinkedIn profile targeting means for you, it is essential to understand what it implies in the online advertising world.

Learning about your buyer persona is key. However, with this Microsoft Advertising feature, you won’t be limited to ordinary customer profiles. You can know who your buyer persona is and go beyond with LinkedIn profile targeting. Drill down and exclude undesirable qualities, like user interests and long-term browsing behavior. 

Profile targeting means having the opportunity to adapt the content of your ads based on a person’s place of work. It’s a significant advantage since you’ll be narrowing down your audience and making a bigger impact from their professional data. Applying LinkedIn profile targeting will associate your ideal client with specific companies and industries and get you more sophisticated results. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner:

What would it mean for you to be able to improve the value of your transactions?

The usage of this feature is not just about getting more orders, it’s also about increasing the average revenue per order. Your marketing goal is to increase your revenue. Since your audience is fine-tuned to your marketing goal, your leads will become hyper-qualified. For instance, your marketing goal is to sell 5 hyper-qualified leads that generate conversion value (revenue) greater or equal to 15 regular leads. 

What Are the Benefits of Linkedin Profile Targeting?

The first benefit is that it requires very little effort to implement within your advertising campaigns. LinkedIn profile targeting has a quick and intuitive setup. It’s as easy as placing a check next to the people that work for the company you want to focus on.

Another benefit is that you will have access to an exclusive audience. This targeting option is not available on any other platform besides Microsoft Advertising. So, your audience on the Microsoft Search Network will be more refined than on competing platforms such as Google Ads. 

Similarly, using this feature will facilitate other work areas like creating ads. If your audience is more relevant, they will have prior knowledge of the product or service you’re selling. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to really modify the content of your ads and use the terms and jargon within the industry you’d like to target. 

For example, imagine you’re selling a service that is specific for people who work in the fashion industry. Now, you’ll be able to write ads that contain words that are appropriate for people familiar with the fashion industry jargon. Monochrome content is so last season, drop it and have a fashion-forward approach in your ads.

In general, managing your account will be more time-efficient with this feature in place. 

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Stop wasting your time focusing on users’ superficial interests. Start improving your audience’s relevance through personalized audience targeting. 

Dive into a niche pool of people who fulfill a specific role within a company or industry and reel them in.