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New Free PPC Courses: Your Guide to Call-Only & RSLA Campaigns

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



As of July 1st, White Shark Media Academy is an online platform available to anyone looking to master search engine marketing. Designed to train our own account managers, courses cover PPC ads on Google and Bing.

The Academy has recently added two Google Ads courses that can contribute to your Google PPC strategy.

Call-Only Campaigns

The first, Call-only Campaigns, covers how this search campaign variation can help clients receive more calls or reduce their current cost per lead. Call-only campaigns are a search campaign sub-type that targets only mobile device users with calling capabilities. This campaign type displays call-only ads, which will prompt users to make a call instead of redirecting them to a website. The course is ideal for seasoned account managers. Content is updated continuously and serves as an excellent refresher for experienced PPC specialists.

Advantages of Call-Only Campaigns

How can you determine if a call-only is the right campaign type for your business? 

The course covers the basic guidelines that any advertiser can use to determine whether call-only campaigns are a good fit for their business type and goals. For example:

  • Is my business prepared to take a higher number of calls?
  • Would my clients prefer to call my business instead of submitting a form?
  • Are my clients searching for my products or services from a mobile device?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to test call-only ads. You will learn the following:

  • Create a call-only campaign following industry best practices
  • Perform changes to a call-only campaign to improve conversion-related metrics
  • Advertisers searching for a high volume of calls at an efficient cost per conversion can greatly benefit from a call-only campaign.

RSLA Campaigns

Different from Call-only, RLSA is a campaign type that allows advertisers to target previous website visitors through search campaigns. Often confused with display remarketing, RLSA campaigns deliver ads to users as they actively search for your product or service while display remarketing ads focus on users as they browse the web. To add, this campaign type is underutilized yet very powerful to increase account revenue.

It’s through these useful clarifications that users learn how to correct and optimize campaigns. The course guides users to be able to master three main objectives: 

  • Differentiate the targeting methods to create RLSA campaigns and select the most appropriate one for your campaign goal
  • Strategically design and create a search campaign that exclusively targets previous website visitors
  • Monitor audience performance under Observation targeting method and perform bid adjustments based on its metrics

White Shark Academy

Crafted to educate in a creative and strategically efficient manner, our guided programs will help you master PPC through self-paced courses. Each course was created from our own need to deliver knowledge and training to our teams. To begin mastering PPC, click here to sign up for your first course!