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How We Maximized Cost-Effective Conversions For A Real Estate Campaign

Miguel Saballos

10 months ago

PPC advertising holds immense potential for real estate businesses, offering a multitude of benefits. With its targeted approach, it effectively reaches potential customers actively seeking real estate properties, ensuring optimized budget allocation and maximizing lead generation and conversions. 

The flexibility and control it provides enable real estate companies to adapt campaigns based on local competition, budget constraints, and market conditions, optimizing strategies for maximum return on investment. Moreover, PPC advertising offers measurable results and invaluable analytics, empowering real estate businesses to track campaign performance and gain insights into ad effectiveness, keywords, and landing pages. 

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This data-driven approach not only facilitates informed decision-making but also allows for continuous strategy refinement and overall campaign improvement.

While the success of a PPC campaign for a real estate business depends on various factors, the benefits of utilizing PPC are significant. This article showcases a compelling case study that exemplifies how PPC can contribute to the success and growth of a real estate enterprise.

About Our Client

Altus Realty, a prominent real estate agency, specializes in the sale of residential properties in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Their unique focus lies in catering to buyers from South America who are seeking exceptional real estate opportunities in these sought-after locations.

The Challenge

Altus Realty faced a specific challenge: the desire to enhance the ROI of their lead generation campaigns and boost the overall volume of incoming calls to their business. Recognizing the importance of maximizing their marketing efforts, they reached out to us.

Our Strategic Approach

In order to enhance the PPC campaign for Altus Realty and address their specific goals, our team implemented a range of strategies. These strategies were carefully designed to optimize targeting, increase relevancy, track conversions effectively, and refine ad copy for maximum impact. Here are the strategies we employed:

  • Created targeted campaigns for South America: Recognizing the importance of reaching their specific target audience, we developed tailored campaigns that specifically targeted potential buyers from South America. By customizing the campaign settings, ad content, and keywords, we ensured that the ads were highly relevant to the South American market, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified leads.
  • Added relevant locations using Google Analytics insights: Leveraging the valuable insights provided by Google Analytics, we identified the locations within South America that showed the highest interest in Miami and Fort Lauderdale properties. We incorporated these locations into the campaign settings, allowing Altus Realty’s ads to reach potential buyers in the most relevant geographic areas.
  • Installed contact form submission tracking: To accurately measure the success of the PPC campaign and track lead conversions, we implemented contact form submission tracking. This enabled Altus Realty to gain valuable data on the number of form submissions generated through their PPC ads, providing insights into the campaign’s effectiveness and the quality of leads generated.
  • Added an extensive negative keyword list to prevent irrelevant traffic: To optimize the budget allocation and ensure that the ads were reaching the most relevant audience, we developed a comprehensive negative keyword list. By identifying and excluding irrelevant search terms, we prevented the PPC campaign from attracting traffic that was unlikely to convert into viable leads. This helped to improve the overall campaign performance and increase the ROI.
  • Revamped ad copy text following best practices: We applied industry best practices to revamp the ad copy text, ensuring that it was compelling, engaging, and aligned with Altus Realty’s unique selling propositions. By optimizing the ad copy, we aimed to increase click-through rates and encourage potential buyers to take action, such as calling Altus Realty or submitting a contact form.

The Results

Our implemented strategies yielded impressive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the PPC campaign for Altus Realty. The campaign achieved a remarkable 271% increase in conversions, attracting and engaging the South American buyer audience. This surge in conversions created tangible business opportunities and potential transactions.

Additionally, the campaign significantly boosted website traffic by 121%, expanding Altus Realty’s reach and increasing the pool of potential buyers. The campaign’s high conversion rate of 68% reflects its effectiveness in capturing the target audience’s attention and driving meaningful interactions.

Moreover, through diligent refinement, the campaign reduced the cost per conversion by 49%, maximizing the value of each conversion and enhancing the return on investment.

These outstanding results validate the effectiveness of PPC advertising in the real estate industry and highlight the value of strategic planning and continuous optimization. Overall, the campaign’s success in increasing conversions, boosting website traffic, achieving a high conversion rate, and reducing the cost per conversion contributed to tangible business growth for Altus Realty.

Wrapping Up

Our case study with Altus Realty exemplifies the effectiveness and efficiency of PPC advertising for real estate companies. By implementing a meticulously planned PPC campaign and employing a range of strategic techniques, businesses can rapidly generate leads, outperform competitors, and boost revenue.

Alternatively, if you are considering exploring different approaches or alternative digital marketing channels, we invite you to explore our comprehensive online marketing blog. Rest assured; you will discover precisely what you need to meet your objectives.