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COVID-19: Automotive PPC Strategies for Brand Awareness

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



As screen time rises, brands that continue to serve ads have the opportunity to appear front and center for everyone who is online. 

Some businesses in the automotive industry have paused their marketing efforts. Meaning that, competition will decrease while users’ screen time continue to rise. Hence, your ability to connect with consumers will improve.

Below are some marketing tips that are effective to keep your business steady for the weeks to come. 

Tip #1: Let’s Go Over The Automotive Industry Marketing Funnel

Now more than ever, potential customers start their journeys online. We know that people gather information before making a purchase decision. This reality highlights the importance of online presence in the automotive industry. 

Moreover, historical data shows that searches for store visits increase during May-August/September. In other words, March and April are important months for marketers. During these months, consumers are actively seeking answers to questions such as “which car is best” or “is it right for me.”

Current Searches Related to the Automotive Business

According to Microsoft’s latest updates on US online behavior, between February 15th and March 15th, there has been an increase in searches for:

  • Vehicle purchase incentives such as “specials,” “sales,” “deals,” and “offers” 
  • New vehicles (25% growth!)
  • New + luxury vehicles (38% growth!)
  • New + non-luxury vehicles (19% growth!)

These searches related to the automotive industry indicate that there is continued movement through buying funnels. Therefore, it is imperative for your brand to be there.

Tip #2: Focusing on the Buying Funnel

There are creative ways to respond to the market. For example, your dealership can provide safe home test drives. Take all necessary precautions so that your consumers feel secure while they are trying your product. 

In addition, you can:

  • Promote your top-performing car models and brands through paid campaigns and content 
  • Add online reviews to strengthen the  credibility
  • Update your website, social media business pages, Google My Business, and Bing Maps information

Each of these will contribute to your online presence. Also, you will generate brand awareness while consumers make a decision.

Tip #3: Revising Your Automotive Business’ PPC Strategy

If you are revising your PPC strategy, adding Display Remarketing Campaigns is a good starting point. Especially for the brands you want to promote.

Below are pillars that our strategists have focused on to help our partners. Read on to learn more about how to tap into each: 

  • Remarketing: Build new audiences to remarket to those who have viewed or interacted with specific car models and brands on your website 
  • Brand Awareness: 
    • Run local YouTube campaigns to increase brand awareness
    • Use ad extensions to make your ads highly visible
  • Keywords: 
    • Prepare your keyword list. Use variations such as online catalog, online prices, online shopping, and similar phrases
    • Update your negative keywords lists
  • Track chat interactions, financial related events (if your dealership offers credit), and other forms of website engagement


As the weeks unfold, we will continue to share insights on how your business and industry can continue to establish a presence in the market. Though the times are challenging, there will be a moment when things begin to subside and we hope to help your business prepare for it. 

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