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Managing Your Legal Practice During the Coronavirus Crisis

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



To all our readers, we hope that you can follow our posts safely from your homes or work spaces. We are working ‘round the clock to help you adjust your strategies to reconnect with your audience.

Consumer behavior has shown an increase in search queries for online legal services. Nowadays, firms have a significant opportunity to connect with their clients. Therefore, we’ve listed out the tools and paid search strategies that can help you.

Read on to find out what they are and how to start.

Communication Tools to Manage Your Legal Firm During the COVID-19

It takes a good amount of time to understand how tools work and how they benefit your business. Indeed, this list below should help you jump into it. 

For Meetings

To begin with, various platforms can help you continue your conversations with new and existing clients. We highly recommend the meeting tools that many of our legal clients use for video conferencing, online meetings, and chats:

  • Zoom: Focuses on video conferencing and webinars
  • Gotomeeting: Contains collaboration software and cloud options
  • Skype: Focuses on collaboration

For Legal Consultations

Legal Match is a platform that you can use to find clients. This platform connects people with pre‐screened lawyers and allows them to evaluate cases submitted by users. 

In short, these meetings will help your team manage expectations, inform your clients, and help them get ready for their online consultation.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm

A genuine (and easy) way to attract consumers online is by creating search engine optimized content. While managing your legal practice during the coronavirus crisis, content will allow your business to have a voice and gain credibility. Also, it helps you to be found. 

Furthermore, Google My Business and Bing Places will help you increase exposure on search results. These profiles will give consumers the information that they need to make easy and quick references to your business. Ultimately, you gain visibility with someone interested and searching.

For pay per click strategies, the following adjustments will go a long way:

  • Increase the visibility of your paid search ads with ad extensions. Besides, you can include calls to action and give as much information as possible to your target audience. 
  • If they are relevant, take advantage of features as call-only campaigns. Furthermore, YouTube and display campaigns can help you promote your brand.
  • Identify trending keywords such as an online attorney, online consultation, and virtual consultation. Also, push your negative keywords lists. Indeed, it’s essential to keep them updated to avoid unnecessary traffic.
  • Make sure your contact information it’s updated in all your online business profiles.


As we mentioned above, we hope that you are able to address the obstacles facing your business through digital marketing. We will continue to provide recommendations to help you manage your legal practice during the coronavirus crisis as our team identifies them. 

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