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Marketing After COVID: Your 2020 Guide to Crushing It

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



The current pandemic put some businesses to the test with unprecedented market conditions. The behavior during the first month of the Coronavirus pandemic is different from the current trends.

Various businesses who have studied the changing conditions and have adapted their strategies have seen positive results. There is no doubt that marketing after COVID will not be the same as it was before it.

This year is one for the books, and the challenges it brings have an impact on the way we market. These changes are where we come in. We see the challenges that businesses are facing at the moment and are committed to helping each navigate.

Read on a run-through of insights on the current market. Reflect on which you can begin to adjust as you consider your marketing strategy for the remainder of 2020.

Marketing Trends During COVID

Marketing After COVID: Your 2020 Guide to Crushing It - Top 10 Verticals Landscape

Since the start of the pandemic, we observed the following changes across industries:

  • More time at home brought priority to people’s home maintenance and daily comfort. This focus led to an increase in purchases of home office furniture, mattresses, HVAC, and cleaning services.
  • An increase in searches related to bankruptcy, divorces, and medical malpractice.
  • Industries that relied on the economic situation, such as the construction industry, suffered a drop.
  • Businesses dependent on networking and social gatherings such as events, entertainment, tourism, and travel, saw a decline in performance.

Marketing After COVID: Current Search Trends

During these last weeks, consumer’s mindsets have changed, just like their online searches:

  • People are considering traveling again. They are searching for places to visit. Some have booked reservations for the upcoming months. 
  • Searches for luxury cars and used cars are up, which means that users are searching for options.
  • Mortgage demands from homebuyers are showing a quick and robust recovery.
  • People are warming up to purchasing telemedicine services. Despite quarantine lifts, searches for this service continue to do well, as are search queries for restaurants with delivery and pick-up options.

Given the current restraints, there is an increase in desktop searches. Unable to attend showrooms and venues, consumers conduct their research online.

TIP: Use Google Analytics to see how desktop searches have increased on your website. If your brand is receiving more traffic from this device type, make sure to check your device bidding strategy, ad structure, and website user experience.

Paid Advertising Current Trends

As social distance limitations decrease, many industries and businesses are starting to pick up. This momentum is expected to continue throughout the quarter. The sectors and products that spiked during COVID-19 have not slowed down. 

Such data reinforces the importance of advertising in leveraging the current momentum and boosting sales. Following current consumer trends and behaviors will help guide your digital marketing strategy adjustments as required.

For more ideas and tips to adapt your online marketing strategy click here!

Marketing After COVID: Microsoft Advertising as a Business Solution

Microsoft Advertising offers brands the chance to showcase their products through various ad (booming!) formats: Search, Display, and Shopping. The search platform provides unique targeting options such as LinkedIn Profile Targeting. This feature allows advertisers to target people based on their LinkedIn Profile information (job position, industry, and company name). Watch the video below to learn more about why Microsoft Advertising is an excellent option for you.

How to Adapt Your Current PPC Campaigns to the New Normal

While working on your online presence, it’s essential to consider how your products can reach new audiences. 

For instance, if you sold boutique bicycles to companies in the hospitality and tourism industry, this might be a good time to switch to a B2C approach. Current price sensitivity is leading consumers to explore transportation options available to them. Likewise, if you are a B2C company, consider how you can adapt to a B2B format.

As businesses adapt their services and messaging, ad copy, keywords, and overall PPC strategy must follow. For more on how to adjust your pay-per-click strategy, click here!


As brave through the summer, we remain alert on the ever-changing marketing after COVID. The upcoming months are up in the air as we begin to see a mixed model of quarantine restrictions among companies and offices.

Similar to changes in culture after the Great Depression (the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation), consumers are expected to become more loyal and price-sensitive to brands that have “helped them out.”

Would you like your business to benefit from these changes in the market? To learn more about how you can adapt your business to the current situation, visit our COVID-19 library, and subscribe to our blog!