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5 Challenges Digital Marketing Agencies Will Face This Year

Lauren Lawson

4 months ago

Did you know that every year more and more marketing agencies add to the online advertising industry, a 21.8% growth from last year to be exact, and has been steadily increasing 12.0% annually since 2017? That number is only expected to rise as we factor in accelerating factors such as AI and other revolutionary platforms in digital advertising.

digital marketing agency growth

So, what will it take to keep up as a digital marketing agency? Identifying your challenges to develop a strategy and find a solution is definitely in order.

Common Digital Marketing Agency Painpoints

Perhaps you can identify with the current challenges most marketing agencies face this year and some tips on dealing with them.

  1. The rise of competitors and higher client expectations.

    With more and more businesses investing in digital marketing, the competition for clients and talent is fierce. You need to differentiate yourself from other agencies by offering unique value propositions, high-quality services, and measurable results. You also need to meet the increasing expectations of your clients, who demand more transparency, accountability, and ROI from their marketing campaigns. To do this, you need to communicate clearly and regularly with your clients, set realistic goals and expectations, and use data and analytics to track and optimize your performance.

  2. Trending with the latest in MarTech, especially AI.

    With new platforms, tools, and techniques emerging every day, you need to stay on top of changes and learn how to use them effectively for your growth and scalability, not to mention your clients. You must also be flexible and adaptable, as what works today may not work tomorrow. To stay on top, invest in continuous learning and development, experiment with new ideas and approaches, test them, and learn from them.

  3. Efficiently managing clients and service offerings.

    As a digital marketing agency, you may have to juggle multiple projects and clients simultaneously, each with different needs, goals, and deadlines. This can be challenging and stressful, especially if you don't have a clear strategy and process in place. You need to manage your time, resources, and budget efficiently and effectively without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. To do this, use project management tools and software, delegate tasks and responsibilities, prioritize your work, and set clear boundaries.

    digital marketing customer service
  4. Talent acquisition and retention.

    One of the biggest challenges for any digital marketing agency is finding and retaining talented people who can deliver the best results for clients. You must attract people with the right skills, experience, and attitude for your agency's culture and vision. You also need to retain them by providing them with opportunities for growth, development, and recognition. You’ll need to have a strong employer brand, offer competitive compensation and benefits, create a positive work environment and culture, and provide feedback and rewards if you want to drive positive outcomes with the talent you have and want to onboard.

  5. Measuring and proving the value of your services/products.

    Impressing clients and going above and beyond comes with proving your value to them by showing how your work contributes to their business goals and objectives. You need to measure the impact of your campaigns on key metrics such as traffic, leads, conversions, sales, revenue, and ROI as well as report these results to your clients in a clear, concise, and compelling way. You need to use the right tools and methods for data collection, analysis, and visualization to tell a story with your data that highlights achievements, challenges, and recommendations.

The Secret to How Many Digital Marketing Agencies Are Thriving


Reviewing the challenges previously mentioned, why wouldn’t you consider a global solution to many of them? Rebrand and resell digital marketing services as your own without investing in the resources, expertise, and technology required to create them. By partnering with a reliable white-label digital marketing services provider, you can benefit from:

  • Increased revenue and profit margins (growth and scalability)
  • Expanded service offerings and customer base
  • Reduced operational costs and risks
  • Enhanced reputation and credibility
  • More time and focus on your core competencies and goals

And the list goes on, but isn’t this mind-blowing (if you haven’t thought of it, of course)

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Start Fine-Tuning and Prioritizing Your Digital Marketing Agencies Needs

If you are a digital marketing agency that is struggling with the challenges of scaling your business, delivering quality services, and staying ahead of the competition, then you might want to consider white-label digital marketing services. 

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