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What You May Have Missed at the 2022 Google Marketing Live Event



We attended this year’s Google Marketing Live event and want to share what stood out to us most! The updates, new features, privacy adaptation, and more.

Joining the hype at Google’s new Bay View campus was a thrill, and although only a few could attend in person, many joined online. Networking with other marketing professionals and sharing the latest trends and insights while learning the newest Google Ads and ecommerce innovations was undoubtedly refreshing.

Google Marketing Live 2022

Search Has No Limits, and Your Ads Won’t Either

Google’s vision has reshaped how they think about delivering on our needs as users and marketers. Through innovation, they’re driving future approaches to keep adapting to new shopping and browsing behavior when searching online to find the products and services they seek. 

Performance Max Campaigns

Automation is here with Performance Max Campaigns. Replacing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns by the end of Q3 2022, is a powerful alternative in driving growth in Google Ads revenue.

Performance Max Campaigns


One of the latest innovations talked about at this event was Multisearch. With Multisearch, people can explore search information more visually and tangibly. Visually appealing information influences people more than we can imagine, especially in search and other ad formats. 

Google Multisearch

Video Ads Through Discovery Campaigns

Another discussion point revealed the importance of being there for your audience through video. Google Discovery ads are visually engaging, personalized ads that appear in Google’s feeds on the YouTube app, the Google app, and the Gmail app. Meant to reach audiences in the moments when they’re ready to discover new products and services, Google Discovery ads engage users with your business’s brand more naturally when they’re still looking for ideas and inspiration.

Higher Definition For Shopping Ads

Video ads won’t be the only ones getting a facelift. Shopping ads will be eligible to show more imagery, later this year. With it, Shopping ads will appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page to cater to visually inspired shoppers.

shopping ads 2022

The Future Is Brighter and Better With Automation Updates

Google also disclosed that they’d be bringing new ways to understand how automation drives results and displays performance. This results from delivering more transparency in automation as some users might still be skeptical of what happens behind the scenes of Google’s machine learning algorithms.

So far, automation drives results, but it’s also the future of advertising with a total incremental conversion rate of 143% with all similar Costs per Acquisition. 

Privacy Flexibility With Google

Speakers discussed privacy and safety measurements at the event. Now, there are ways that marketers can have even more transparency and control over their ads. In turn, it lets customers understand how their data is being used while, at the same time, allowing them to decide what information they want to share. 

Ad Center 

Now, this one’s pretty exciting because it will become the method of controlling ads. Users will have the ability to block or follow ads, and marketers will now have a playing hand in knowing why a user was shown an ad and obtain better control of all users exposed to the ad. 

google ad center 2022

Advertising Control

This third pillar of the Google Marketing Live event revolves around creating valuable and safe experiences from both sides of the coin. Users seeing an ad can decide what to do (block or follow), and marketers will understand displayed data better.

Evolving With Google and Looking Forward To Changes

This year’s Google Marketing Live event was governed by three main ideas: visuals, automation, and privacy and safety measurements. As they are continuously becoming how people express themselves and search online, ads have had to adapt to become more dynamic and brands more visually appealing to the audience’s eyes in order to succeed in achieving online marketing objectives.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again, automation is the future of marketing, and that’s exactly what Google thinks, too. Machine learning is increasingly complementing advertising through the broad match type, smart bidding, etc., in methods that process better and faster than before. 

We cannot forget about Google’s intentions to build tools that advertisers and users can trust. Ad Center will be launched and provide more control for both end-users and marketers. Building trust will shape the future of marketing. Our blog offers digital marketing knowledge on new trends, insights, and features for the day-to-day marketer to broaden their PPC mastery.