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How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



How to grow your digital marketing business is a simple question you probably think about every day.

Though many different things can work for any given agency, we’ve noticed that few simple exercises go a long way over the years. The implementation of these practices provides order and movement within an agency. Furthermore, it helps teams work smarter, not harder.

Join us in reviewing some must-haves to grow your digital marketing agency!

Tips to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Create a Blueprint

As you begin to standardize your processes, it’s essential to tweak as you go. One of the most valuable elements at White Shark Media is that strategists learn under the same PPC partnership blueprint. These explicit references, specific policies, and detailed procedures help avoid the common pitfalls that our team experienced at the start. 

Even now, as the digital advertising world evolves and gets more complicated, our teams can follow along and guide their clients with ease. 

This framework is essential to providing and maintaining the same level of work across the floor. 

Constant communication is necessary to continue to keep the blueprint ‘smart’ and updated with the times. 

Your blueprint can provide direction for client scripts, scheduling, managing deliverables, basic templates, campaign creation guides, and optimization checklists. All of these will help Strategists and Account Managers get a good sense of what is required, and it should encourage them to build on the base.  


“Verticalization” is the big word for focusing on a specific industry. Though the markets all flux, the unique way that they shift is specific to each sector. 

Inbound Marketing - How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

Online Advertising agencies can focus on a single or various verticals. In general, spending more time on a specific industry will give their digital marketing team a clear idea of how influential factors are to that particular area. For example: 

  • Spending more time on Home Services campaigns will give you a better sense of when the seasons are shifting and how the keywords change throughout the year.
  • When approached by a client, if you have a savvy team on their industries particularities, the sale will be much easier if you can informally advise them on what to do in the upcoming months on the spot. 
  • Additional research and extra hours will be useful. You will reuse the know-how that you are acquiring over and over again across accounts. This understanding will become apparent as you will cover your bases a lot quicker from meeting to meeting. 

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing  - How to grow your digital marketing agency

Inbound marketing is a way of connecting with your audience that allows them to reach out to you. Kind of like a sitting duck, you work in a way to let them know that you are there. Creating this awareness and dropping invites for them makes them reach out to you. 

  • SEO: Fill your website with substance. Provide the specific information that is being searched for on search engines to connect with your audience. 
  • Pay-Per-Click: Target specific segments with PPC ads, leveraging remarketing features for more conversions.
  • Social media: Have a presence across social media channels to share content that attracts leads.
  • Content marketing: Create specialized messaging that will entice users to take action and inquire about your products. 

Hiring the Right Team

When adding a service to a portfolio, every business faces a decision: in-house or outsource. Both have points to consider, which we review below:

Hiring an In-House Team

Hiring an in-house team is a long term investment. This approach allows you to ‘do it yourself.’ You will mold your strategists and methods around your business culture and create processes that align with other functions.

If you choose to build your team, it will take time to get right, and it’s expensive. As you hire people to fill specific roles, you’ll have to tweak it as you go. Processes will be trial and error at first before they run smoothly.

It will be your team’s responsibility to stay up-to-date with industry trends and features. Your PPC strategists need to figure out which tools to purchase to get tasks done efficiently. PPC tools and resources are costly, so if it doesn’t make sense initially, strategists will need to figure out how to carry out specific processes themselves without compromising quality.

Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Management Services

Like hiring people in your own Digital Marketing Agency, you’ll need an equivalent level of scrutiny when choosing a White Label PPC agency to manage your services. You will need to make sure that they provide the same quality of services to disrupt your work.

Partnering with the right PPC agency minimizes any setbacks for this approach. Your agency will provide excellent quality pay-per-click services from the get-go, shortening the “trial and error” stage. Additionally, your team will breeze over evaluating tools and resources, wondering which to invest in and how to use them.

Scale Your Agency With White Label Marketing

In short, outsourcing PPC is highly beneficial to digital marketing agencies. With experts on your side, outsourcing allows digital marketing agencies to breeze through the learning curve and profit from services from the beginning. However, like all things, it’s not just a random pick; it still requires a careful process to find your business’s right fit.

Reporting and Analyzing

At White Shark Media, we avoid ‘set and forget’ mentalities. It’s not enough to generate a report; teams must review each point and analyze how it may relate to what is going on in the industry. Reports reveal insights that can help the clients understand their progress.

Improve your delivery of reports by always providing the next steps with your reviews. If a campaign shows positive results, offer how your team will continue showing results. If a campaign performs poorly, offer a solution and an estimated turnaround time.

These practices remind clients of your expertise, puts them at ease about PPC, and allows them to move on to their day-to-day tasks.

The Sweet Spot to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

One of the most critical elements for every business is to fit in nicely in the market. Your price should match the quality of your services. This will require that you know what work you are producing and a critical part of being a white label marketing agency.  

If you are not charging enough, you will be drained and overworked. This will begin to reflect itself in your personal life and work. If you charge too much, clients will quickly address this issue, and your turnover may become an issue. 

Do your research to establish an average price for the services that you are providing. Make sure that your prices are feasible. Your goal is to find a place where your clients value your work, and your digital marketing agency is standing on its own two feet.


Start brainstorming how you can begin adding any or all of the digital marketing practices mentioned to your agency. Going through the exercises will reveal a great deal of information and expertise that you will want to jot down for strategists’ next wave. 

Our partnership program allows us to help digital marketing agencies increase their portfolio as we supply them with the good stuff- white label PPC! If you are eager to learn more about how you can grow your digital marketing agency, contact us today!