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The Trick Behind a Successful Remarketing Strategy

Miguel Saballos

1 year ago



One of our clients owns a cosmetic line company focused on skincare and treatments. They offer patients in California and around the world access to the absolute best skin care options, curated for unique skin profiles.

They were looking for a digital marketing agency to enhance their strategy and optimization efforts through Facebook Advertising, so they reached out. Their main objectives were to improve brand awareness, increase sales and build a strategy focused on remarketing.

Actions taken:

  • A catalog was launched to boost the online store and showcase top products on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Dynamic ads were created to increase customer engagement by automatically showcasing products to relevant audiences.
  • Different audience lists were created based on website and Facebook page behavior, facilitating remarketing.
  • The results?

    KPI Analysis

    Remarketing happens to be one of the most utilized and effective digital advertising strategies implemented worldwide.

    According to the most recent online marketing statistics, 40% of sales revenue is generated from remarketing campaigns.

    And this is not something unexpected! This tactic helps you stay connected with your audience, improve the relevance of your ads, enhance brand awareness and get a higher return on investment.

    Attract Returning Website Visitors With Remarketing

    If you are considering this strategy and looking forward to getting the best possible results, you might want to look at the most converting audiences for remarketing.

    Cart Abandoners

    Suppose you own an online clothing store and usually get new customers who start navigating through your website, looking for any good deals randomly. And on the other hand, you have people who have already made purchases and constantly look for specific products (for example, fitness clothing). When it comes to a scenario like this, you can be 100% sure that it will be much easier to come up with a tailored offer for the customers with a precedent.

    The term “cart abandoner” refers to a user who leaves your page before completing the desired action (purchase). This audience is ideal for remarketing campaigns since users have invested time and effort in looking for the products that best suit their needs. 

    All you need to do is to focus your remarketing efforts on these users and include attractive offers to make the magic happen.

    These offers could be discounts, warranties, free shipping, and others.

    Social Media Engagers

    One of the best things about remarketing is that you can perfectly implement this strategy while embracing an omnichannel approach. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are perfect to complement a digital advertising plan.

    social media stats

    Social media users are a potential audience for almost every business, especially if you focus on “page engagers” as a target for your remarketing campaigns.

    This audience includes users who visit, like, follow or interact with your page through messages and comments.

    Video Viewers

    The secret of remarketing is capturing the signals transmitted by an audience in every small interaction with your content and assets.

    If a user has interacted with your asset, it is because this person is interested in your products or services. You can measure this by keeping track of the number of interactions and the type of content that is more relevant to the user.

    That being said, one of the most effective formats for advertising is videos. A lot of people prefer watching a video rather than reading.

    Implementing a remarketing strategy in a visually-oriented and potential platform such as YouTube is a goldmine.

     youtube stats

    Former Buyers

    Users who have purchased something from your website in the past are likely to do it again. This is why those customers should be part of your remarketing target.

    What you have to do is have two main aspects in mind. One is the type of products they have purchased, and the other is timing.

    For example, if someone bought school accessories at the beginning of the year, this person might need to get some new supplies for the next academic year or semester.

    In this case, you would want to focus on showing offers related to school accessories for all the users with the same interest at the right time.

    Success Is in the Details

    When implementing remarketing, the worst thing you can do is target the same audience and repeatedly show the same content. Watch out! Because this might harm your business instead.

    As we have seen over the years, the more resources you invest into creating a tailored and specific strategy, the greater the impact that your efforts will have.

    Try these audiences with massive potential for remarketing campaigns and mix them up with other powerful tactics. Learn more about trending and successful digital marketing strategies by reviewing more of our content.