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Our 5 Top-Shared Posts of 2016

White Shark Media

7 years ago



2016 has been a crazy year in many ways – however, for the online marketing world, every year is crazy in the amount of information
one needs to learn to keep up.

That’s what makes it so exciting! Just when you thought you had it all figured out, out comes a new trend. Lucky for you, White Shark Media has you covered.

As we bid the year adieu, we wanted to share with you a recap of our top blog posts of 2016. We hope our blog shed some light on various topics for you.

Our Top 50 Online Marketing Experts to Follow in 2016

We compiled a list of 50 online marketing experts who are constantly renovating the industry. In this list, you will find a wide array of personalities, each with a short description of why they’re awesome, a picture, a few of their best posts, and links to their Twitter account.

20 Facts You Need to Know About the Marketing World in 2016

To succeed in 2016 and beyond, marketing teams require creative minds to have quantitative skills. Keeping track of the latest trends and always anticipating change is key. For this reason, we compiled a list of 20 marketing facts and statistics that reigned in the marketing world in 2016.

21 Reasons AdWords is the Best Channel for Small Businesses

For this post, we listed the top 21 reasons why AdWords rocks. However, while it can cope with the many needs your business requires in the PPC advertising world, keep in mind that knowledge, strategies, and best practices are required in the management of the platform if indeed you wish to see an ROI. This brings me to the next post:

20 AdWords Resources That All Advertisers Need

Whether you are the most advanced practitioner or you are just starting to understand what this is all about, resources always go a long way if you want to implement a strategy, find out about a new feature, or just learn technical how-tos. Here we have a complete rundown of the 20 AdWords resources all advertisers need.

13 Empowering Online Marketing Conferences To Attend In 2016

What better way to take your marketing strategy to the next level then by learning from the experts? This is possible through events that gather the top marketing guru’s to share actionable insights and proven strategies. Check out this detailed list of some of the top conferences in 2016 (most of them occur yearly!).

We Hope You’ll Stop By Next Year

We hope we were able to enlighten you on many online marketing topics this year. We are already getting ready to deliver top content in 2017, so you can always be on top of your online marketing game!

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