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How Your Business Should Tackle the Buyer’s Rush Online for Valentine’s Day

Berman Gonzalez

2 years ago



The time to fall in love…

With this time of the years’ online shoppers!

It is never really late to get something unique for your special one. Business owners everywhere know this and get ready for the season to celebrate love and friendship. The love for the strength of buyer’s intent Valentine’s Day increases more than ever, and online businesses are hooked, more so that they have been prepping marketing efforts since last year to rack in the most sales possible.

A Little 101 On Stats About Valentine’s Day Sales

According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day brings retailers about $14 billion each year as over 60 percent of consumers participate in this annual celebration of relationships. Naturally, your advertising efforts in Google and Microsoft Ads will play a huge role in your business success in any season. Still, this upcoming week, it is crucial you consider all factors when reviewing your PPC strategy for promoting your business for Valentine’s Day online.

Valentine’s Day Online Shopping

Tips To Polish Up Your Strategy

Here are 10 tips to get the best out of your digital marketing efforts for Valentine’s Day online:

1. Show some love, but show it early

Set your campaigns early leading up to the weeks remaining until February 14. You will have the advantage of effective reporting and retargeting to those potential customers that already visited your website.

2. Never leave the past behind

Review last year’s Valentine’s Google Ads campaign metrics if you have the data. Analyze what worked in terms of best-selling products, what audience segment to hone in on, and how your business performed compared with competitors.

Valentine’s Day Google Trends

3. The key-words that show love

Use popular and relevant searches related to Valentine’s Day from previous years. This will give you a more robust and complete set of keywords. Create a keyword strategy for this year’s campaign. Put yourself in the users’ shoes, consider which popular search queries and topics for Valentine’s Day will best suit qualified traffic for your website.

Valentine’s Day keywords

4. Think about your crowd

Seasonal audiences are a fantastic way to focus your efforts on people in the market that are actively seeking that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This is the time to consider new acquisition opportunities and re-engage with those previous customers who purchased around Valentine’s day last year.

Pro-Tip: Consider utilizing in-market and affinity audiences that can help focus your media spend on audiences most likely to convert.

10 Tips to Master Your Valentine's Day PPC

5. Your business is amazing; let the world know

Search, and shopping platforms are getting increasingly competitive each year. You need to make sure searchers see your amazing products and services. Consumers are all too happy to scroll through offerings at speed, so you need to grab their attention quickly.

Ideally, you’d want to differentiate your messaging and offers to depend on the different segments you identify. Go the extra mile with your ad copy for this season; it will always provide better click-through rates and conversion rates as a result.

6. Have some fun with your ads

Yes, this is the time to be competitive, but it is also a time to be creative and show what makes your business unique. Don’t be afraid to set the trend, and most importantly; Be authentic and relatable in your ad copy. It’s so easy for your customers to see through you if you try to be something you’re not. Make sure you use best practices for writing successful ad copies.

7. Customize, Customize

Whether it’s personalizing your message, ad copy, sending customers to specific landing pages, or even allowing a customer to send a personalized message on their gift order, there are many methods of integrating personalization into your marketing.

Customization can increase purchase intent by up to 15% and improve CTR by 30% compared to generic personalization in a 2020 Google study. It’s not about gimmicky personalization but identifying your customers’ needs.

8. Love means so much more

Valentine’s is a celebration of love; it goes all the way to celebrate your significant other, friends, pets. It’s all about love. It observed that the Valentine’s Day gift recipients go beyond romantic partners, with more than half of adult Americans identifying themselves as single; however, it does not stop them from celebrating the occasion with family, friends, co-workers, or pets.

9. You are closer to your customers than you think

Valentine’s Day shoppers are more likely to purchase items in-store. Cross-device promotion and information to boost in-store sales from your online ads are essential. Location extensions are heavily used by retailers who want to push shoppers to stores, and Google notes that location extensions generate a 10% clickthrough rate increase.

For holidays with high shopping volume and the opportunity to reach new customers, location extensions provide the location of your store, resulting in an increased rate of engagement.

10. Be ready to compete

As with any big event holiday, PPC bids and competition will increase. Advertisers will be increasing budgets for the Valentine’s day season, involving PPC budget, specific campaign types, ad group budget, and bidding levels.

Pro-tip: Consider bidding higher for last-minute Valentine’s Day keywords and audiences if you have a vertical that fits within the demographic of high buying intent.

Shoot That Arrow Towards Buying Audiences

More people find themselves spoiling their friends and family with gifts, from bouquets to experiential activities every year. Valentine’s Day online is one of THE most important days of shopping for your business. You can take advantage of attracting new customers, engaging an existing audience, and increasing ROI.

10 Tips to Master Your Valentine's Day PPC

There is no better time for you to master your digital marketing and implement top-notch, sales-yielding strategies for your business.