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4 Tips for Your Ecommerce Business to Improve Its Mother’s Day Ads

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



Families and friends continue to celebrate each other on group calls and video conferencing.  In other words, the new norm has allowed people to stay connected and provide love and support. With mother’s day right at the corner, ecommerce businesses can expect an increase in traffic. 

According to Microsoft’s latest updates on consumer behavior, search queries for virtual celebrations have gained momentum. Also, the Occasions & Gifts vertical has reported unseasonal week-over-week (WoW) growth with clicks outpacing searches on Bing. On the other hand, we’ve seen an increase in searches related to Mother’s Day on Google Ads. Therefore, we believe the trend will continue increasing as ecommerce businesses launch their mother’s day ads.

Separately, our team has kept a close eye to our accounts for later comparison to Microsoft Advertising and Google’s data. Our portfolio shows proof that online consumers have not stopped showing purchase intent. There was a vast increase in traffic for branded terms of major ecommerce businesses, most of which spiked over the past few weeks. Check out some of the observations we’ve been looking at:

Our ecommerce client has seen an increase of 1,416.14% in impressions. We analyzed the account and found that the increase is not associated with bidding, as this has remained the same, but to higher demand. In other words, consumers are relying on ecommerce businesses to continue their shopping experience.

Read on to learn more about the strategies you should consider while working on your mother’s day ads!

Paid Advertising Strategies for Mother’s Day

Desktop vs Mobile Devices 

Data shows that 72% of searches are performed from computers. In response to this, you can adjust your mother’s day ads and campaigns with the following digital marketing tips:

    • Check your desktop bids.
    • Display & Youtube has more traffic and is gaining the attention of advertisers.
    • Engagement is highly valuable.

Engage Customers with Remarketing Campaigns

Display and YouTube remarketing campaigns will remind prospective customers of your ecommerce business. With these camapaigns, you will provide on-going reminders for products and services while users search or in the meantime, the need emerges. These campaigns will help you:

  • Target past buyers or website visitors and promote your mother’s day promotions with them
  • Take advantage of those online
  • Connect with searchers looking COVID-19 related news by targeting local channels’ websites, and similar topics
  • Increase reach through Google’s Display Network and Microsoft Advertising Partner Network

Generate Leads with Search Campaigns

Search campaigns will display your eCommerce business’ products and offerings to users in the results page of their search queries. Incredible efficient, this ad format will allow you to:

  • Promote your top-selling products
  • Make sure you use ad extensions to increase ad visibility 
  • Highlight special promotions in your mother’s day ads
  • Add a time limit or countdown to your mother’s day ads to urge people to buy

Be Aware of Competitors

While some ecommerce businesses have decreased their ad spend or paused campaigns, there are others who take advantage of opportunities to gain online market share through competitors’ campaigns. In other words, competitors start bidding more aggressively on your branded terms to attract more customers. Make sure you are bidding high enough on your branded terms to maintain or increase your market share.


Above are some of the helpful strategies, besides running Google and Microsoft shopping campaigns, businesses and account managers can use to prepare their mother’s day ads and boost sales. We recommend these considering the data provided by Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads. Stay tuned on more information and further recommendations.

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