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Ecommerce: Prolong Seasonal Success Through PPC Optimizations

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Seeds ‘N Such is an eCommerce company that sells a vast selection of high-quality seeds. We’ve been working with them since they approached us to help them prolong their seasonal success and make their site profitable year-round. As many eCommerce businesses know, accommodating seasonality to their campaigns can be difficult. A quick review of historical data showed that Seeds ‘N Such prioritized advertising efforts during their busiest time, January through March.

Seeds 'N Such Home Page

Our team quickly developed strategy goals that would address their limited success:

  • To have a ROAS of $10
  • To decrease CPA below $10
  • To increase online presence and outrank their competitors
  • To double revenue for 2019 

The Solution 

360 Degree Tracking 

To identify how much revenue was driven by the campaigns, we installed conversion tracking for completed purchases and e-commerce tracking. This was done with the intention of measuring both sales and profits.

Expansion – New Campaign Types 

The account approach was limited to only search and shopping. Our PPC specialist noticed the need to target customers that had previously visited the website and didn’t make any purchases but kept on searching for these products. Therefore, Remarketing Campaigns were implemented. Also, since our client has such a vast inventory, our experts suggested a DSA Campaign, which directs potential customers to the most relevant pages for their searches. This way, any gaps missing from traditional Search Campaigns were covered. 

During 2019, we launched a Display Campaign, and later we used all the data collected in the Display and Shopping Campaigns to launch a Smart Shopping Campaign which helped us to maximize conversion value and expand our client’s reach. 

Smart Shopping Campaigns

This campaign subtype combines Standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns, and uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote advertisers’ products and business across networks.

Off-Season Approach 

Determining their strategy in their low season was a challenge. By levering off the client’s expertise and historical data extracted from Google Analytics, we were able to identify which products we should advertise for and to which audiences. This included reducing the location targeting, plus accommodating to each state’s weather and shopping trends. These were crucial to making the campaign lucrative throughout the whole year.

The Results 

Our campaign structure and know-how helped this eCommerce business achieve its strategic goals and double revenue for 2019. Reporting showed the following reflected in the campaign:

  • ROAS increased by 1014.40%
  • Conversions increased by 6274.07%
  • Revenue increased by 4266.95%
  • Search impression share increased by 207.10%
  • CPA decreased by 93.64%


During high season, they have seen a 693.08% increase in conversions, from 1.18 to 13.15 ROAS and cost per clicks have been reduced by -93.64% from $31.94 to $2.03. This was a great example of how PPC can help shift limiting conditions in your business. Do you have a similar dynamic going on? Are you hungry for more on using PPC for your eCommerce business? Click here for loads on eCommerce PPC solutions!

“White Shark Media has been very accommodating to respond to us on a more frequent basis due to the compressed timeframe of our season. Their model provides near-immediate insight into our campaigns and reactions have been impressive. Also, the team have provided leadership regarding our monthly and weekly spend and been very accountable toward our funds” 

Jerry Wayne Hilton, President, Seeds ‘n Such

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