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3 Essential Ad Extensions For The Local Advertiser

Lauren Lawson

9 years ago



Have you ever scratched your head perplexed wondering why on earth your Ads aren’t “fully loaded” like your competitors’? Well, it’s time to take full advantage of the three most readily available AdWords extensions that will give you the opportunity to stand out and rake in that highly coveted sales volume.

Ad extensions are boosters to your existing ad texts in which you can benefit by showing valuable information about your business. You can include phone numbers, unique selling propositions, shortcuts to a specific landing page of your website, and more.

They make up for that limited character space you are dealt with when creating Ads. All of the pluses aforementioned add up to building higher relevancy to a search query hence increasing metrics like your CTR%. Consider making it a standard when creating a campaign to include these 3 Ad Extensions and watch compensation take its course.


Interesting Sitelinks are not enough

Many times it has gone unnoticed that many advertisers fail to take full advantage of the permitted characters in the header and description lines, this is like serving yourself a cup half full. Use all space available and mix it up a bit.
Don’t use the word for word tab content that is on display on your web page, for instance, your About Us page can easily be switched to Why Choose Us or [Company Name]. Use call to actions, promotions, pricing, you never know if site links will be the main source of conversions.

When, How, & Where?

It’s all about relevancy. Making sure your ads stay at the top page is crucial to when & how your site links will be displayed along with your ads. Regular checkups on bidding, CTR% & quality score should be performed to ensure placement of your ad extensions when you are at the top position.

Mobile Matters

Ease of use of your website information is king when it comes to mobile users. Making your existing Sitelinks into mobile preferred can boost sales, especially if the majority of conversions are by means of mobile devices or your business falls into the “on the go” service or product.

Double Check Your Links

There is nothing more irritating than clicking on what seems to be a direct answer to your search query and wasting time in going in and bouncing right back out of that page instead. Make sure you double-check the destination URLs for your site links and confirm the consumer is being routed to the correct landing page.

Call Extensions: Make it easy for those on the go

Desktop vs. Mobile

Depending on your service or product and type of audience you have, you can determine whether or not to incorporate call extensions or mobile call extensions. For example, a consumer would be more likely to look up and call a pizzeria on a mobile device instead of a jewelry store.

Mobile and Desktop Call Extensions - White Shark Media

So What’s With This Google Forwarding Number?

As you go through setting up call extensions, there is always a myriad of options to decide on before creating the number. Some of them include: show your ad with, show the following links, device preference, and other advanced options. Should you get frustrated with this and just click whichever options in order to get the number created? I don’t think so. Data collection and traffic increase highly depend on these, and being that they are options easily understandable should justify to refrain yourself from disregarding them.

Show My Ad With: If you do not have a separate service voice-based marketing automation service like IfbyPhone, Marchex, etc., then consider using the Google forwarding number. This way you will ensure you are not missing out on any important metrics with regards to incoming calls.

Ideally, at White Shark Media, we prefer using a voice-based marketing service and take pride in being able to provide this in our service packages because it offers a lot more than Google forwarding can. Some of the pluses with this service are call recording, numbers readily available that can be local versus just toll-free, and deep call analytics. All very important when optimizing a campaign.

Show the following links: If choosing “Just the phone number” the display URL may still be visible, but not enabled for the consumer to click on to get to your website. This is only applicable to mobile devices. I highly suggest both links because there is a 50% chance they will or will not perform a call, so giving an alternative is a better option.

Show links website and phone number links - White Shark Media

Missing space for last touches, try Callout Extensions.

Accentuate your ads by adding concise details & promotions about your business that perhaps you were unable to fit in your ad texts. By writing-in, very compelling call-outs in the defined 25 character space limit your allowing ads to stand out with more of a likelihood of being clicked on.

Try call extensions - White Shark Media

A Few Pointers to Implement

-Your eligibility for showing callouts may be jeopardized so make sure you create more than two callouts per level they are applied.

-Order matters, especially if you have more than four callouts. Putting your callouts in order of priority will make the difference.

-Don’t forget to duplicate your callout extensions to mobile just as you would for the above-mentioned Ad extensions.

3 Great Easy Breezy Ad Extensions for the Take

Want your business to shine with new and sophisticated ads? Take these ad extensions to the challenge and await as the data proves it all. After reading this blog it should be a no brainer to always incorporate these Ad extensions into your campaign. Think of them as the cherry on top that will give the final touch towards promoting promising results with a highly competitive, money-making, and strategically planned out advertising effort.