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8 Tips for Writing AdWords Ads for the Taxi Industry

White Shark Media

12 years ago



When writing ads, it’s all about finding the prospects that are right for you. You will rarely attract more than 10% of the searchers with a given keyword so you might as well attract the 10% that will turn into paying customers!

If you have a beat-up old wreck of a taxi, then don’t claim that you have a luxury taxi company with low rates. Call your service what it is.

Focus on your strengths and you will see more success. Chances are that if you have an old wreck of a taxi, your prices are quite low anyway. By focusing on what your core audience needs, you will gain more business and even more repeat business because you delivered exactly on what you promised.

I have listed 8 tips for writing ads that I find work very well in the taxi industry:

1. Include Zip Codes

If you have the opportunity to create very targeted AdWords campaigns, I highly suggest adding the zip code that the prospect is potentially searching for.

The taxi industry is renowned for only covering small geographical areas. By including the zip code of the searcher, you’re letting them know that you indeed cover their area. Prospects hate opening your website just to find out that you don’t service their area. You can, therefore, gain a quick edge in the search results page by showing that you cover their geographical area 100%.

Examples of including zip codes in your AdWords ads:

    • Covering 90510
    • Servicing 90510

2. Include the City

If you can’t go as narrow as using zip codes, then the city name is the next best thing.

Be aware that even though zip codes are more specific, your audience will always recognize the name of a city much more than a simple zip code. Personally, I’ve always had better success by using stand-alone city modifiers than zip code modifiers.

A combination of mentioning zip codes and major cities has brought me the best results time and time again.

3. Use Sitelinks to Include your Most Popular Routes

If you know there are routes that are commonly used, then mentioning them in your Ad Sitelinks can yield you huge rewards. Ad Sitelinks is a way to demonstrate several deep links to your website, as well as providing room for extra ad text.

By mentioning to prospects that you cover their route and so often enough so as to list it as one of your most popular routes, can be very rewarding. It means that you have experience in driving the route and can, therefore, provide the reliability that taxi prospects seek.

If you can also display a competitive fixed price for the route, then you’re definitely bound for success!

4. If You Want Calls Before They Click, Then You Need to Offer Huge Value

The taxi industry is the one industry from which I have often heard the phrase, “I don’t want anyone to click on our ads – I just want calls!”.

I understand the thoughts behind this statement, but it’s simply not possible. First of all, it’s almost impossible to track what works best this way. And as we know, tracking is essential these days.

Second of all, it goes completely against the basic principle of Quality Score. By wanting customers to call before clicking, you end up accruing a bunch of CTR-destroying impressions but very few clicks. This is the fastest way to increase your cost-per-click without getting anything in return.

Let Direct Calls be a Secondary Goal

Remember, that in order for you to generate calls with just 95 character spaces to work with, you need to present extraordinary value in your ad messaging strategy.

It’s almost impossible to demonstrate enough value within such limited confines but a good creative effort may propel your prospects to choose to call you over your competitors… so be creative!

5. Reliability – Tell the Searchers that You’re Reliable

If you’re looking to book a cab, what’s the number 1 thing you look for besides a car being up to legal standards? Reliability, of course. You want your booked taxi to arrive on-time at your pickup point and take you where you need to be by the required time.

By mentioning your great service reliability, you will establish an advantage over competitors who don’t. Even if most taxi drivers are reliable, the sheer fact that you make your key statement in your ad revolves around your “reliability” will wake the right emotions within customers with whom reliability is of the utmost importance.

Examples of proper implementation:

    • On-Time, Every Time!
    • 100% Reliability Rating
    • Count On Us
    • Punctuality is our Specialty

6. Car Standard

If you have a taxi company where you only drive the latest luxury sedans, you’re better off focusing on this aspect of your service or product offering. I bet you there are prospects looking for luxury sedans and that actively ignore claims of lowest price, cheap rates, and other discount claims.

Keep to your strengths and play the cards you have been dealt with. If all the other taxi companies are claiming they have the cheapest prices, then you can beat them on reliability and experience.

7. Customer Reviews

If there’s one thing that I have learned, then it’s that customer reviews are an amazing source for new clientele for taxi companies.

Seeing that most companies drive dozens of customers every day, it’s easy to generate vast amounts of new business via referrals on customer review sites. Especially considering the big influx in Internet use on smartphones, you’re fooling yourself if you’re neglecting to collect good reviews right there in your cab every chance you get.

There are numerous ways of doing this (QR codes, ads in the cab, personal suggestion boxes, etc.). Use customer reviews to your advantage and show high customer satisfaction for your services to prospects today!

Examples of using customer reviews:

    • 9/10 Customers Recommend Us!
    • 95% Satisfaction Rate
    • Over 1,000 Happy Routes this Month!

8. Find Out What Works for Your Audience

Discovering the needs and wants of your main audience is one of the keys to successful advertising.

In AdWords, this plays a huge role. Discovering what works best with your ads will help you immensely in the ad writing phase. If you don’t know why your customers like you or why new customers choose you, then you will never know how to efficiently market your company.

Before you write your next ad, try talking first to at least 10 of your customers and find out why they chose to go with you. This will help incredibly to best understand their mindset.

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you had any success with AdWords within the taxi industry? Do you have any advice that you’d like to share?

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