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Ad Copywriting for Google Business Ads: Part II

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



We’re back for the second part of this 2 post article. Read on for the second half of best practices that will boost your Google Ad campaigns for the upcoming season.

Change It Up

It’s time to have fun with ad copy. There isn’t only one way to write something; you should create no less than ten versions of the same sentence.

Why? Sit down to craft some copy. Whether you aim to sit for 5 minutes or get ten sentences in, you’ll note the first few ideas that you come up with are pretty standard.

The Einstellung effect occurs where preexisting knowledge impedes one’s ability to reach an optimal solution. If you don’t recognize the word Einstellung, it’s because it’s a German word that translates to mindset or attitude. The brain is lazy and resorts to past solutions and continues to circulate in old thinking and old options. This limits us because “we become unable to consider other solutions when we think we already have one, even though it may not be accurate or optimal.

If you want a new idea, keep writing. The next set of copies will probably be a little bit more engaging or attention-getting.

Copy is easy to write. Excellent writing requires a little bit more effort. Slight differences, unusual verbs, and creativity can have an impact on your conversion rate.

Test a few of these copies against each other. Assign the budgets to each version of the ad. Find out which of these work best for your industry and market.

Watch Your Tone

Knowing your audience will define various elements of your copy, such as tone of voice and vocabulary. What industry are your ads targeting? If you are writing to teens, you can keep it casual. If you are writing to lawyers, you’ll want to maintain a professional tone.

A caring or friendly attitude towards your audience can prompt them to interact with you more, giving you a chance to offer them a solution to their problems.

Check out this handy guide we’ve borrowed from SEMRush.

table about tone of voice directios

Never Forget the Buyer’s Journey

This last point is more of a reminder, which we’ve included frequently in recent posts.

Wherein the buyer’s journey, your audience finds themselves and writes to address their state of mind.


Every journey begins with a problem. Let’s suppose Alex has identified he needs to do some work on his home but isn’t sure where to begin. He begins to research and gather information on the topic.

Put yourself in Alex’s shoes. He’s going through a lot of information; he’s probably overwhelmed. Do you think aggressive copy is going to work?

What would be most comforting right now? A friendly expert might work better.

Use words that make Alex feel that you are helping, solving, and improving the situation, maybe even throw in a “How to” in there.


After doing his homework, Alex understands the repairs he has to do on his home and what he needs. Now he’s out for some solutions. The trick to this stage is beginning to sprinkle some positive action on your helpful tone.

What do we mean? Write to help Alex feel that he will discover a solution within your products or services. “Get” or “create” add action to a headline while still leaving the power in his hands.


By now, Alex should have a good idea of what you have to offer him and how he can benefit from it. If he hasn’t moved forward, he probably has a few reservations.

Is this the most intelligent option? Will this solve his issue?

You’re on edge, so refrain from being pushy. Address Alex’s concerns while still injecting a little bit of urgency in the copy.


Now that you’ve gone through our post, it’s time to start refreshing your ad copy. Each of these recommendations will help boost your Google Ads performance for the upcoming holiday season.

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