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Prepare Your 2020 Holiday PPC Strategy with Google Ads Latest Features

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



August brings exciting news for our white label pay-per-click advertising partners and digital marketing companies. This month, Google Ads rolled out several product features to Google Shopping, Responsive Search Ads, and Responsive Display campaigns. These updates aim to better target prospective customers, present ads in more attractive formats, and provide reporting optimizations.

Our team has got the notes on each of these Google Ads products and updates. Excited about the additions, our strategists guarantee that each will help to expand their reach and improve results during the upcoming holiday 2020 season.

PPC Holiday Strategy: Boost Sales During the Holiday Season

Boost Sales With Google Ads New Smart Shopping Features

Even as shops attempt to reopen, polls claim that 25% of U.S. shoppers say they will continue to shop online. The migration to online shops has made Smart Shopping campaigns an essential element for any PPC campaign.

These focused features help advertisers achieve their goals based on real-time signals across Google, including Google Search, Google Images, YouTube, and millions of sites and apps across the web.

Use the New Conversion Goal for Smart Shopping Campaigns

This new feature allows advertisers to add a total conversion value for bid optimizations. This add-on will leverage machine learning to acquire new customer purchases. The total conversion value is the sum of the purchase value and the new customer value you set.
New Conversion Goal for Smart Shopping - Holiday PPC Strategy

To set the fixed value of a new customer, you should equal the expected future organic revenue of a new customer. For example, let’s suppose the following:

  • Your customers spend an average of $120 per purchase.
  • 2 out of 3 customers buy once a year for two years.
  • The recommended new customer value would be $120 * ⅔ * 2= $160.

Once you’ve enabled the new customer acquisition goals, add your customer value to your Campaign Level Conversion Goals. 

Conversions Goals - Smart Shopping

Google Shopping Will Now Optimize Format In Accordance with Prospect’s Needs

AdWords will showcase Google Display videos, image carousels, free and fast shipping annotations, and promotions to clients who are actively searching for your products. Guided by searches, the feature automatically optimizes ad formats for the audience. 

For example, if a user searches for side chairs options, Google Ads will display an image carousel with relevant products from your offerings. When a customer is ready for purchase, Google will re-show the products the consumer expressed interest in coupled with promotions or deals you have available at that moment. 

Side Chair - Google Search

Add Free and Fast Shipping Annotations to Your Holiday PPC Ads

The platform will now showcase annotations that let customers know when a product offers free and fast shipping. These features guarantee customers that Google verified your business offers reliable and fulfilling delivery services. 

Free shipping applies when your product can be shipped free of charge to the customer (or free if the product meets minimum basket). Whereas, fast delivery is considered when the product arrives in 3 business days or sooner.

To learn more about the requirements and steps to qualify for this feature click here

Use Your Offline Data to Remarket Current Clients Through Google Customer Match Lists

Customer Match allows you to upload a file with your client’s information (email, first and last name, country, zip code, and phone number). This feature links them across campaigns such as Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display. 

The feature will target similar customers, as well. Knowing your target and where they are in the sales funnel is essential to determine how to lure them to the next step. 

If the user is still cruising the brand (Awareness stage), their message would be different from someone who is considering a purchase. This insight allows you to deliver highly personalized ads to customers and recapture returning or inactive users. 

Though the feature doesn’t expire, we recommend regularly updating your customer match lists. Google Ads requires the following on your account to access this feature:

  • History of proper policy compliance
  • Good payment history
  • At least 90 days of campaign data on Google Ads
  • USD 50,000+ total of lifetime spend

Reach out to your Account Manager to verify your eligibility for Google Customer Match Lists!

Showcase More Information With Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads allow you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions. Over time, Google Ads will automatically test different combinations and flag those that perform best. This search ad type includes:

  • Location Insertion: With this feature, your ad will automatically include city, state, or country names based on the locations of potential customers or their areas of interest.

Edit Responsive Google Search Ad

  • Countdown Customizers: You can now highlight special events and offers with countdowns on responsive search ads. Countdown customizers come in both COUNTDOWN and GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN formats. Click here to set up your countdown customizer within your Google Responsive Search Ads.
  • Highlight Your Online Availability to Customers: Now, when you create a responsive search ad, you’ll see new categories recommendations generated by commonly used phrases. 

Google Ads Ad Strength Automated Feedback

These terms highlight how customers can shop with you and shipping/return options for your business. Add a final URL to your ad to view updated headlines and description suggestions tailored to your business based on your site and existing advertisements.

Access Cross-Campaign Asset Reporting

Review insights for your ads at the campaign level. Cross-campaign asset reporting allows you to check all responsive search ads in one place. A global view of your overall assets will help determine which headlines and descriptions drive the best results.

To access these reports: 

  • Click on Ads & Extensions from the page menu on the left.
  • Then, click Assets; you can view each asset by clicking it. 
  • Note: learn more about this new reporting feature click here.

Include New Responsive Display Ads Layouts to Your Holiday PPC Strategy

Google rolls out three new responsive display ad layouts that offer automated image enhancements. Ads automatically generate a varying combination of the headlines, images, and descriptions. 

New Responsive Display Ads Layouts

Google will select from advanced formats available during the ad creation process. These options include:

  • Smart cropping of images to highlight image focal points
  • Design-centric text and logo overlay on relevant image areas for a more professional look
  • Crop logos with excessive white backgrounds (“margins”) may for a greater focus on the logo

 These tweaks help improve performance and deliver higher engagement. 

Auto-generated Videos

Over 60 percent of shoppers say online videos have motivated purchase. Adding video to your responsive display ads can result in a 5 percent increase in conversions at a similar CPA.

However, many don’t have the time or resources to create their video ads. In these cases, Google can generate video ads for you using existing images and text assets from campaigns. If you’ve already added video content, Google will not use this feature. 

Showcase Your Top Products

To help highlight individual products, Google introduced a new single-image layout. This new format displays your company name alongside your logo to convey your brand’s offerings. If selected, the optional “promotion” text will become more visible in most ad sizes, so consider including a promotion if you haven’t already.

Google Display New Single-Image Layout

You can preview these dynamic display ad layouts while creating or editing responsive display ads. No additional action is required to apply to your campaigns. 

There is More to Come from Google Ads!

The Google Ads team continues to work to add value to end-advertisers products. In the future, Google says that Smart Shopping campaigns will function as a tag parameter to measure lifetime value dynamically based on custom criteria.

This data will be available in a new column called Lifetime Value column used for bidding optimization.


As promised earlier, August brings exciting news for our white label pay per click advertising partners and digital marketing companies. We hope you’ve enjoyed our team notes on everything Google Ads has to offer to your holiday PPC strategy.

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