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21 Reasons AdWords is the Best Channel for Small Businesses

Lauren Lawson

8 years ago



How often do you go online on a daily basis? if you ask me, I live on the internet. 2/3 of searches are performed on Google, so adwords-bestchannel-smb
obviously the odds that people are looking for what you have to offer are mostly in your favor.

Not advertising your business online is no longer an option, it is a bare necessity your business needs to strive and grow.

That said, you’re covered with Google AdWords. You can position your business within the realms of Google and its networks. Start bringing your business to life online and watch it grow with PPC marketing.

Still not convinced? I’m sure these 21 reasons will.

1) Get Your Business Noticed in the Online Consumer World

Face it, if you want or need a particular product or service, you look for it online. Yellow pages and directories are a thing of the past, you want an edge among your competitors and should be taking advantage of the 90% of people using search engines.

2) Show Your Ads as Fast as Tomorrow

Creating your first AdWords account can be as simple as 123. The perk of AdWords is that you can pause your campaign at any time. Be it because you have high demand and accrued enough business for a given time, or you are a business that sells during particular times of the year. Even better, you are in control of how much you want to spend.

3) Put Your Keywords On a Leash

In the midst of Google’s amazing features, there’s a way in which you can control and adjust keywords to the way you want them to behave. Adjusting bids, pausing, adding, removing, but most importantly the match types you can set to attract the right traffic your business is looking for. As a best practice I always stick to these; exact, phrase, and BMM (Broad Match Modifiers), avoiding broad keywords, by all means, necessary unless circumstances allow.

4) Target Who, What and Where

As a business owner, you know who and from where your product most sell. If you are on a tight budget and want to start off with specific targeting, AdWords is your new best friend. With its myriad of options for location targeting, you can guarantee your business is being advertised to the right kind of people in the right places. AdWords offers:

Demographic Targeting

  • Age gender
  • Parental Status
  • Household Tier Income

 Location Targeting:

  • City
  • Zipcode
  • County
  • Province
  •  Municipality
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Commercial Centers

Just as you are able to include locations, you can also exclude demographics and location targeting to avoid any unwanted traffic.

5) Do You Have Specific Business Hours?

Does your business run better during specific hours of the day? Are you the one answering phones during business hours? No problem, tailor your ads to show when you need them to. Even adjust bids to increase your Ad position on the days or hours that your business best performs.

6) Because Mobile Continues On the Rise

Can you count the number of people you see spaced out on their smartphones on a daily basis? AdWords provides an array of mobile optimization options, and I would highly recommend opting into mobile especially if you’re a local business. People are always on the go, and most often times need transportation, a restaurant, home repair, you name it, and all they have to rely on is their mobile device. 

Even if you are an E-commerce store with a mobile-friendly site, chances of getting great sales from mobile device users are higher than ever. With bidding options and Ad options for showing on mobile devices, you can be doubling your sales in no time.

7) Your Ads, Anywhere 

Depending on the nature of your business, e-commerce, or lead gen, you can advertise on almost any network that seems beneficial to your business.

Search Network:

Call-Only, DSA and RLSA Campaigns

  • Show for content on your website
  • Ads are shown for particular searches relevant to your business

Display Network:

RemarketingDisplay and Video Campaigns

  • Promote brand awareness and get a lot more traffic at a lower CPC
  • Remarket to those who have at some point shown interest in your business

Shopping Network:

8) Have a Budget for Online Advertising? No Problem

Control how much you spend daily to prevent going over your monthly budget. Not only can you just change a daily budget per campaign, but you can also adjust the maximum bid you are willing to spend at an ad group or keyword level. Is a specific keyword costing you too much? It’s as simple as pausing it and using a variation with a lower CPC.


9) Decorate Your Ads with Ad Extensions

AdWords adds that something special to your Ads if you have a top 3 average position. These are called Ad Extensions. Taking advantage of this feature and getting more Ad space is a plus, especially if you want to shine from the rest of your competitor’s Ads.

10) Cameleon Ads: Uniqueness for Your Client

Make your Ad text headlines show your clients what they are looking for. With DKI, your Ads adapt to the searcher’s query, great for A/B split testing to see which Ad approach drives in better conversion rates.

11) The Search Term Report

Get in sync with exactly what people are typing in the search bar that triggers your ads to show. This allows you to:

  • Analyze search queries and add keywords
  • Adjust ads
  • Exclude search queries
  • Focus your budget on products with higher interest
  • Incorporate negative keywords from irrelevant searches

12) Exclude Keywords Irrelevant to Your Business

Let’s say you sell high heel shoes, not tennis shoes, boots or loafers. Of course, you want to avoid any traffic looking for anything other than high heel shoes. AdWords helps you do this by adding your negative keyword list at a campaign or ad group level.

13) Keyword Planning To The Rescue

Don’t know where to start with your keywords list?  With AdWords’ powerful keyword planner, you can gain insight and help with your keyword research. Get the 411 on traffic volume and even estimated cost per click to see if they are a good ballpark for your new campaign and daily budget.

14) Pause and Enable Your Campaigns Anytime

So you need multiple campaigns with many services and promotions being advertised simultaneously, but only need them to run for a certain period of time. No need to panic, automated rules in AdWords are here to give you control. Set up rules that will automatically pause or enable campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or Ads on any given date or time.

15) You Can Adjust Ads for a Perfect Fit On Mobile Devices

Optimize your Ads not only for computer and tablet devices but have the option to adjust them for mobile devices at the check of a box.

16) “Pay-Per-Click” in 123

  1. A search is performed
  2. Your Ad shows
  3. Someone clicks=You pay vs. No click=0 Cost

Simple, you only pay for clicks on your Ads. The bright side about PPC advertising is that even if your Ad is not clicked on it is still being shown, also known as impressions. So there is a great opportunity to advertise although your Ads aren’t being clicked on.


Another great feature about PPC is how flexible bidding is, you can adjust bidding to your budget needs at an ad group, keyword, Ad schedule, location, and device level. This way you control how much you are willing to pay-per-click.

17) View Exactly Where Your Money Goes

Every click, impression, cost, it’s all there. The AdWords interface is very intricate in all aspects and is one of the most measurable channels. See your money work for your business advertisement, track your ROI by implementing conversion tracking to see which keywords are worthwhile.


18) Have Multiple Products or Services?

You can create as many campaigns as needed. Just choose what type of campaign and network you wish to show on and as a last finishing touch customize ad schedules, locations, and budget according to your business.


19) Help Your Organic Ranking 

AdWords is great for finding that money-making keyword and the beauty about this is getting them to work for your organic search as well. They are big indicators on promoting better landing pages and content on your website, not to mention the impact it has on your account performance as far as quality scores, CTR%, and CPC go.


20) Get Leads at the Reach of a Fingertip

Do you cater to pizza delivery? Offer plumbing services or are a hair salon? If you are a business that is commonly sought for, consider adding Call Extensions to your campaigns. Also, don’t forget the lovely feature of replicating the Ad extension for mobile devices, the likelihood of doubling sales is at your favor.


21) Metrics at Plain View

Comparing metrics in any given timeframe you are able to view and analyze keyword and Ad performance.


Other additional data besides the basic metrics:


Feed Your Businesses Craving For Online Growth

AdWords can cope with the many needs your business requires in the PPC advertisement world, but, keep in mind that knowledge, strategies, and best practices are required in the management of the platform if indeed you wish to see an ROI.

Forget about other costly efforts in marketing and give AdWords a try. Guarantee your business a new best friend by discovering new audiences and potentiating leads and sales.