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Tips for Carpet Cleaning Companies Who Use AdWords to Increase Their Business

White Shark Media

11 years ago



Behind every successful business there is a well thought out strategy and carefully executed plan. This is no different with your Google AdWords campaigns.

Deep research and strategy are essential to create and manage any successful AdWords campaign. This statement is never truer when it comes down to the highly competitive service industry for small to medium sized local businesses.

On this occasion we’ll be providing proven tips in order to increase profits from Google AdWords in a carpet cleaning business.

Reduce Your CPC And Quality Score By Using Long-Tail Keywords In Relation To Carpet Cleaning

If you want to reduce your average CPC (cost per click) and enjoy higher quality scores in your campaign keywords, it would be wise to use long tail keywords whenever possible.

These keywords usually have lower CPC since there’s less competition for them in the AdWords auctions. At the same time they are usually more relevant to the content of your landing pages and ads so they get rewarded with higher quality scores.

All of this translates into lower CPC and higher ad rank positioning, which would be ideal for any successful AdWords campaign.

You could for example, try to avoid keywords like [carpet cleaning] in exact match with an estimated average CPC of $10 to $12, and use instead a long tail keyword such as “hiring carpet cleaners” which has an estimated avg. CPC cost of $2.28, according to Google’s own Keyword Tool.

It is obvious that paying $2 instead of $8 for each click will make a huge difference and will allow your advertising budget to last much longer. Additionally, by having more precise long tail keywords you could drive in more relevant traffic to your campaign, thus increasing your chances of getting leads and conversions.

Depending on the carpet cleaning services you offer you could do more research and come up with many different variations of long tail keywords for your campaign.

Just remember to make sure your long tail keywords drive enough traffic as sometimes they could have a low Avg. CPC and a high quality score but they turn to be completely useless when they are labeled with the dreaded “low search volume” label.

Competitor Names Can Be Cheap Clicks With A High Buying Intent

It might sound illogical or even crazy to use your competitors’ business names as keywords for your campaign, but depending on your strategy, on the line of services you can provide and on your capacity to convert clients, it might just work.

Let’s assume that you run a medium size carpet cleaning business called “Jay’s carpet cleaners”. Let’s also assume that some of your toughest local competitors are called “West L.A. Carpets” and “Affordable L.A. Carpet and Tiles”.

If these two main competitors are well know companies with high search volume and established band names, using their names as keyword on a competitors’ ad group will most likely drive in additional traffic to your campaign.

Even though legally you won’t be able to use those brand terms on your ads, when you use keywords such as “West L.A. carpets” your ads are going to show every time a potential client types in those keywords on Google.

Of course the trick here would be to write appealing ads that could capture the attention of those clients who were looking for other businesses and who could end up becoming your new clients because they liked what you had to say and offer.

If you’re going to use this strategy, it would be wise to have Google Analytics installed on your webpage so that you could assess the bounce rate of those competitors’ keywords. If you get a lot of clicks from those keywords but notice you also get a high bounce rate, then that approach is not working for you and you will need to come up with another strategy.

Your Competitors’ Ads Should Be Monitored For Promotions and Ad Text

The carpet cleaning industry is so competitive that you have to be on top of what your competitors are doing and offering in their ads.

Let’s say you had great success for a few weeks with an ad that mentioned a $250 whole house carpet cleaning special! Then all of a sudden you start noticing that those calls, conversions or leads coming from that ad have dropped so you start wondering what went wrong

By using the Google ad preview tool you will notice a couple of worrisome trends. One of your main competitors is now offering a $200 whole house special plus a $25 off coupon for new clients. This of course is more appealing to potential customers as it offers more value for their money.

In this case you would have to come up with a better offer or include additional services for the same price in order to be more competitive.

You could include additional benefits for loyal and returning clients such as a $50 off coupon for returning clients or a 25% off special discount for first time clients, etc.

The point of monitoring your competitor’s ads is frequently to make sure you’re competing on even terms and also to make sure they’re not offering better services at much lower prices since you want to remain competitive in your local market.

Mention the Use of Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning Products

If a family with small children or pets is looking to hire the services of a carpet cleaning company, you can be sure they’re thinking about the potential harmful side effects that harsh carpet cleaning chemicals could have on their family and pets.

In this case, it would be a good idea to ease their fears and give them peace of mind by mentioning in your ads things like: “No Harmful Residue Cleaning”, “Eco-Friendly Cleaning” or “Pet Safe Products”.

By using these terms you would appeal to their deep emotional need to protect their loved ones or beloved pets. This is what many people refer to as emotional intelligence since potential clients will feel safe and will be more inclined to call your business for an appointment. So, keep that in mind.

Using Carpet Cleaning Review Keywords

Initially it might sound like a bad idea to include ad groups or keywords such as: “Louisiana carpet cleaners reviews” or “best local carpet cleaning reviews”. You might think to yourself: “wait a minute, I’m not interested in people looking for reviews, I want people to call and make an appointment.”

But here you could be missing the point. Remember that most people do their research on Google before they make a purchasing decision. This is what Google calls the Zero Moment of Truth, so spending some of your budget on those keywords in order for your ad to show at that moment might not be such a bad idea after all.

Of course it would be really helpful if on your website you had a section were clients could leave reviews so new potential clients could read about how satisfied your clients are with your prices and services.

It has been proven that if people read positive reviews they’ll be more willing to trust your business and they might want to hire your services, so this strategy of using review related keywords would work to your advantage.

AdWords For Carpet Cleaning Is Highly Competitive

When it comes down to the highly competitive and usually expensive CPC ranges of the carpet cleaning industry, it’s best practice to be highly creative with your advertising strategies. You should keep changing your ads and promotions on a regular basis to make sure that you’re providing a unique value to your clients and that your ads stand out from your competitors’.

Carpet cleaning might not be an easy business to manage when it comes down to online marketing, but with the right budget and strategy you could make it work.

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