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How to Set Up a Seasonal AdWords Campaign – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



One strategy for increasing your website traffic and sales is to run specialized campaigns for seasonal products.

Almost any type of business-to-consumer — and even many business-to-business — stores sell items that are more appropriate for various seasons or holidays. That’s why we’ve decided to create a how-to guide about creating a seasonal AdWords campaign.

Video Transcription

What are the benefits of a seasonal campaign?

Seasonal campaigns provide an opportunity to target specific customers at specific times of the year.

Some businesses have a one-time opportunity to showcase special offers or a different selection of products.

Pricing and delivery can also be influenced by seasonal trends, so targeting a specific season can really help you boost your business.

Before the Holiday Season:

1) Target Your Ads to the Most Relevant Customers

Ads should be shown only to the people that are relevant to your business. So personalize your ad copy, landing page and refine your keyword list carefully.

2) Set up Billing Early to Avoid Any Delay

To avoid your ads suddenly stopping because of a decline payment,  we highly recommend setting up a backup payment method, especially if you’re using automatic payments.

So, if for some reason your primary payment method doesn’t work, Google will immediately charge your backup credit card to ensure your ads keep running.

3) Measure the Performance

Look for peaks and trends to determine the impact of seasonality on your business.

During the Holiday Season

4) Make Sure Your Ads Are Running at the Right Time

If you’re unsure whether your ad is showing, you can use the ad preview tool or go directly into your account to check your ads’ status and your account statistics.

It’s tempting, but resist the urge to search for your own ad on Google Search because that can affect your  ad’s performance.

And there you have it! Your seasonal AdWords campaign guide to help you maximize ROI. So, get optimizing!

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