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Should I Choose Local Services Ads (LSA) over Google Search Ads?

Alfredo Pereira

1 month ago

This is a question that I get asked all the time by new clients and prospects here at White Shark Media. Although there is no absolute right answer, considering each business is unique, even within the same industry and location, Running LSA and Google Search ads as a power couple will help increase your local leads based on my previous experience and the results we generate for current clients. 

Why Should You Run LSA? 

You only pay when a potential customer calls, sends a message, or books an appointment with your business through your ad. LSA allows you to target high-intent customers looking for your business's service. LSA ads appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with either a Google Guaranteed or Google Screened badge and your Google Reviews score. This LSA feature builds trust with customers who have not gotten acquainted with your business. You can also dispute calls and get credit if people are looking for a job or location not served, wrong number, sales call, spam or bot, duplicate lead (customer contacted you twice), or incorrect business.

Pro -tip: Use this link to check if your business is approved to run LSA in your country, considering not all industries can run LSA.

google guaranteed and google screened badge

Why Should You Run Google Search Ads?

Target people using keywords to appear in searches relevant to your business at different buying funnel stages. Google Search ads gives you more control over the messaging in your ads, the landing pages where you are directing potential clients, the demographics (age, gender, household income) and audiences you want to target, how much you are willing to pay for a click or a conversion and tracking other primary and secondary conversions such as Forms, Quotes, Directions, White Paper Downloads and more.

example google search ads

So, Which One to Choose?

It’s not a one is better than the other ordeal. Both platforms are powerful tools that work better together. LSA provides trust for people that have not heard about your business thanks to your Google reviews score and Google’s badge (Screened or Guaranteed). In addition, Google Search ads allows you to target potential clients that are at different stages of the buying cycle, control the ad copy and content of your landing page and give you more tools to control your campaign’s strategy. By combining both, your local business can cover prime real estate at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. 

example local services ads and google search ads

Your Business Has Options with Google Ads

Since most small businesses might not be able to run both types of campaigns due to budget limitations, in this case, we recommend doing the following:

  • Start with a Google Search ads Campaign with high intent/bottom of the funnel keywords and ad copy that promotes action-taking. This type of campaign gives you more control and better insights regarding which kind of search queries are triggering your ads, the demographics of the potential clients, the days and hours generating conversions, and more. 
  • Create a Local Services Ads account with your company's services and focus on the ones that generate the most return on investment for your business. Use Google Search ads Campaign insights to establish your Ad Schedule and Target Locations.

Pro-tip: A third-party booking platform service is needed to enable this option. Google’s booking partners are listed here. 

How to Get Started With Google LSAs For Your Local Business

Need Help With Your Business and Google Ads?

Let us help you grow your local business by running Google Search ads and Local Services Ads (LSA) simultaneously in the Search Engine Results Page with ads that speak to your nearby audiences. Feel free to schedule a call with one of our account managers to review your business.