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How To Sabotage Your Own AdWords Campaign – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



This Shark Bite emphasizes just a handful of the pitfalls and errors that can trip up beginners.

Make sure you’re not accidentally ruining your own AdWords campaign!

Video Transcription

Looking to ruin your AdWords campaign and see your conversion rates tank? Check out these all too common AdWords mistakes!

1) Use Negative Keywords

All publicity is good publicity, right? Not exactly. Not having an effective negative keyword list can end up attracting irrelevant clicks that won’t convert.

However, using the same negative keywords throughout your whole campaign can also be a mistake. Take some time to forge the right set of negative keywords for each component.

2) Don’t Direct All Ads to Your Homepage

Clicks should take the user to the page that corresponds to the search because that makes for a great user experience.

You see, Google uses the relevance of your landing page to determine your ad’s quality score, which correspondingly affects its placement and cost.

3) Use Keywords in Your Ad Copy

It’s not enough to appear in the searches. The truth is people are far more likely to click on the ads that match the keywords they just typed in.

Our recommendation is to create custom ads for each keyword set that matches the keyword query exactly. Stick to intend-based keywords that reflect the goal on your link page.

4) Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions help an ad stand out in the SERPs due to increased visibility and value.

For example, a local restaurant may benefit from including a location extension, which includes the business’s phone number, the address, and a mapmaker. Additionally, for mobile ads, you can include a direct link.

Killing Your Campaign is Easy

However, if you want to boost your conversion rate and take your AdWords campaign to the top, don’t fall into these mistakes.

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