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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ads Will Get Disapproved – Shark Bite [Video]

White Shark Media

9 years ago



It is never a good feeling to see that one of your ads has been disapproved of your AdWords account. Even more when you have put time and effort into making them perfect.

Google is pretty good at letting us know which rule we are breaking when our ads get disapproved. Nonetheless, we want to avoid making any mistakes from the get-go.

In this video, Ximena will discuss the top five reasons why your ads get disapproved so you can take them into consideration when crafting your ads.

Thanks for watching this Shark Bite, we hope you found it useful. See you next time!

Video Transcription

Hi everyone. My name is Ximena and today I will be discussing the top five reasons why your ad can get disapproved and how to avoid this.

Display and Destination URLs Don’t Match

The first top reason is that your display and destination URLs don’t match. For instance, if your website is, then your display URL needs to have that same domain.

Misuse of Punctuation and Capitalization

The second most common reason is the misuse of punctuation or capitalization. So for instance, you can’t have an exclamation point on your headline, the same way that you can’t use capitalized words on your ad text, only if you have a promo code or your brand name is registered in all caps. A good tip to keep in mind is to add a period at the end of your first description line so that your ad text can break up nicely and your ad looks good, no matter what format it’s in.

Don’t Advertise for Unauthorized Themes

Top reason number three is that you shouldn’t advertise for themes or categories that are deemed inappropriate by Google. Some of these include weapon, explosive, or recreational drugs.

Misuse of Copyrighted Material

Reason number four is never to use copyrighted content in your ads. However, if you do feel the need to use them, make sure you use the appropriate copyright symbol.

Do Not Try to Trick Your Costumers

Lastly and our fifth reason that could get your ad disapproved is making exaggerated claims about your business. Of course, you may think that you have the best business in the world. However, making claims like this in your ad could get it disapproved because it’s not very realistic to Google.

Also, avoid using click here or repeating too many words, because this is also going to be able to get your ads disapproved. Google can be very straightforward letting you know why your ad was disapproved. However, if you keep these top reasons in mind, you won’t see that red alert anytime soon. That’s it. If you want to learn more follow our YouTube channel or check out our blog at

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