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The Top Three Reasons AdWords A/B Tests Fail – Shark Tip [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



There is no secret formula for conversion rate optimization and no magic big data tool that you can plug in. It’s hard work that includes lots of research before, and then A/B testing to validate it all.

With so many easy-to-use tools around, anyone can do A/B testing. However, there’s many ways to get it wrong. Check out our Shark Tip and learn about these 3 testing mistakes.

Video Transcription

Having a well thought out plan is essential to know which ads are producing the most money, and producing the highest user engagement. However, these tests can go wrong. So, stick around to find out what are the top three reasons for this.

1) You Haven’t Started A/B Testing

Even though A/B testing has been part of the marketing scene for quite some time now, not everyone is actually doing it. Rather than assuming, determine your best ad combination objectively by basing your decision on cold, hard data.

Once you have your winner from the tests you’re done right? Well, not exactly. Once you start testing, you should never stop.

2) You Don’t Know Your Users

To reach your users, you need to know what’s important to them. Create a customer base by conducting surveys and interviews. Once you have these insights, you can further decide what to test, which brings me to my next point.

3) You Are Not Testing the Right Elements

Testing the most obvious elements is important. However, in order to get the best conversion, you need to think outside of the box. Through the development of customer personas and continuous testing, you can get a better idea of what to test.

Bottom line, don’t lose momentum. Learn from those experiences of your initial tests, to create more specific hypothesis, design more effective tests, and zero in on those areas of other ads that could yield greater conversion.

That’s it… bye.