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Automated Rules To Get More Out Of Your AdWords Budget Without Exceeding It

White Shark Media

11 years ago



Have you noticed that sometimes your budget is not enough on certain days of the week and on other days you don’t spend all of it? This will help you manage your budget a lot better to drive more traffic or conversions to your website without exceeding your fixed budget.

Should you increase or decrease your budget on certain days of the week without over spending? How are you going to do that without becoming a slave to your AdWords campaign’s ever changing budget?! Automated Rules is the answer to abolish this awful slavery.

Finding Trends in Your Campaign

Finding trends in your AdWords campaign can help you improve your main objective, whatever it may be. To find trends I suggest that you analyze a time period that ranges anywhere from three to six months. On your AdWords campaign go to the Dimensions tab, here you can choose to see what days of the week you get the most conversions/traffic and which days you have the least.

Finding Trends in Your Campaign - White Shark Media Blog


What to Do with This Trend?

One thing I have noticed a lot is that campaigns tend to convert more on certain days of the week and on other days they don’t convert as much. This made me a bit uneasy because it meant that a part of the monthly budget might be going to waste. How can I make sure that most of the budget leads towards conversions?

I decided that I would play around with the budget by increasing the budget on days that there more conversions, and lowering the budget on days that the campaign least converted. But, I did have to consider that I could not go beyond the weekly budget. For example:

      • Daily budget is $100 for a campaign; therefore, my weekly campaign budget is $700.
      • When increasing and decreasing the budgets on different days of the week, my weekly spend should not be more or less than $700.

The easiest way to make sure that you don’t go over that weekly budget is to do a small math equation. So, let’s say that I noticed that my campaign converts more on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I want to increase the budget on those days only by $50. Then, I would come up with a small equation that looks like this:

Google AdWords Budget Calculator Formula - White Shark Media Blog

By solving this formula, I now know that on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday the new daily budget will be $62.50. This will assure me that the weekly budget will not be more than $700, which keeps me within my monthly AdWords Marketing budget.

Don’t Become a Slave, Set Up Automated Rules

Now that you have established how much you are going to increase and decrease your budget, make it easy on yourself and set up Automated Rules.

Automated Rules allows you tell Google when you want certain actions to be done on your Campaigns without you having to do this manually.

What you will need to do is Select the campaign that you will be working with, go to Automated Rules, and select what it is that you want to create a rule for. In this example, we will be changing the budget.

Google AdWords Automated Rules - White Shark Media Blog
Once you are there, you will have options to fill out. To do this crazy schedule, I will need to choose the following options:

Increase daily budget by $50 (Max. budget is $150).

Change daily budget automated rules in Google AdWords - White Shark Media Blog

You can fill in the Requirements or conditions that must be met in order to make the Automated Rule run; this is not necessary to set up. In this case, I will not set up a requirement and therefore I will click on the X.

Next, I will choose the frequency that the rule will run, you can choose daily, weekly, monthly, or one time. Since I want this change to be done every week, I will choose weekly.

Then, I’ll choose the day I want the rule to start running, which would be Monday at 12 a.m. I also want to use All Time data, so that I make sure that the budget will always increase to $150 and decrease to $62.50. Make sure you add a name to the Automated Rule so that you don’t forget what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Change daily budget automated rules in Google AdWords - White Shark Media Blog
To lower your budget for different days you will have to set up another Automated Rule that will lower the budget to the desired amount.

So, for this example I had to create 4 rules:

        • Monday increase budget
        • Wednesday decrease budget
        • Friday increase budget
        • Saturday decrease budget

After playing around with the budget for the first time, the amount of conversions increased by 65%! It’s incredible what a little adjustment to the budget can do. By carefully analyzing and using automated rules as your best friend, you will be on your way to success.

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