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Where Are My AdWords Ads? – Shark Tip [Video]

White Shark Media

8 years ago



Once your ad is live, you’re probably eager to see how its ranking on the Google search pages. Only… What’s this? Where are they?

If you seem to have “lost” your ads, don’t worry. You are not alone. Check out our Shark Tip on the different AdWords tools you can use to locate those sneaky ads.

Video Transcription


This is a reaction more common than you would think. That’s why today we’ll be covering reasons why your ads may not be appearing.

1) You’re not using Google’s Ad Preview tool.

Not using this tool will trigger your ads, and therefore result in unwanted impressions.

2) You’re targeting non-relevant locations.

You may only be targeting cities or even countries in which you don’t even reside. Ads are usually shown based on your IP location, or searcher intent. So they won’t even show up for a non-relevant locations. Use Google’s Ad Preview tool to check how your ads show from various locations around your country, or in different countries.

3) Negative keyword complex.

A negative keyword, could be preventing your target keyword from being triggered, due to it being a broad match or phrase match term of that exact keyword. Use AdWords keywords diagnosis tool, to get instant information on any problems with keywords.

And that was today’s Shark Tip, thanks for watching.

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