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Elevate Your Dentist Practice with PPC

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Giselle spent most of the night up last night with a pulsing tooth. She woke up early for a meeting, and as she got ready, she pulled out her phone to search for a new dentist. Because she is new to the area, visiting her regular dentist isn’t an option. So, she searches for a new dentist in the nearby area. 

Will you show up? Here are some practices that will get your practice on that page. 

Find Your Patients

Your objective is to connect with the users searching for your services. You reach your audience successfully when you use the correct targeting methods. Here are three ways to take advantage of this:

Geo-targeting: This will be targeting based on IP addresses. When someone who lives in your area searches for “dentists”, your business will have a better chance of showing up.

Keyword Targeting: This will combine your service with localized keywords. If potential patients are looking for a dental clinic near them, you want to make sure that your ads are showing up when someone is searching for: 

  • Dentists Near Me
  • Dentists In Manhattan
  • Teeth Whitening in Queens

Negative Keywords: Your campaigns will need to exclude irrelevant terms to avoid unnecessary expenses. An example of this will be people searching for jobs in the industry. You’ll want to exclude words that would be relevant so that you aren’t investing campaign money on the wrong user.

Daily Budgets

You will need to set a daily budget for each of your campaigns. Your monthly budget, coupled with the advertising goals, will determine your everyday spend.

It might be useful to determine what a local business spends per month in your area. Below are some numbers to use as a helpful guide:

Monthly Budget Estimate per State

Here are some average Cost-per-clicks:

Search Standalone

  • Emergency Services $12.50 – $16.00
  • General $11 – $18
  • Location $15 – $18
  • Services $17 – $25

Call Only Campaigns

  • Emergency services $15 -$20
  • General $20 – $25
  • Location $16 – $25
  • Services $17 – $25

Conversion Tracking

Understanding how well your campaigns are performing is necessary. It’s the only way to know if you’re marketing tactics are working. Where are you investing? You need to make a list of what and how much you are spending. Then, evaluate if either of the scenarios is more effective than the next. 

Because of the nature of your business, you will need to learn more about call tracking. Yes, you can track everything from phone calls, traffic, and costs’ round the clock. Doing this will help you understand where you are thriving, and when your campaigns are slumming. 

You will want to avoid anyone who isn’t going to visit your venue. Having this in mind will guide you in how to invest in placements and ads that reach the people are interested. As you adjust strategies, you can compare efforts month over month to determine which are the most feasible outlets for you to pinpoint. 

Don’t Miss the Moments

Many patients will go straight to their phones when a symptom shows itself–this can be an opportunity. Though their intent to act may depend on the seriousness of the symptoms they are experiencing, it is still a moment where the user is receptive to your products and services. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. 

One you can take advantage of by:

  • Having the right keywords that offer the services relevant to searches in your area
  • Providing ready-to-book ads
  • Having the answers to their inklings available on your ads, landing pages, or website. 


Again, because most people are searching for immediate solutions with types of services, you must match their intent with the information that they require. PPC is the secret weapon to get patients at your door. To learn more about how PPC can help your business, follow our blog.