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How to Take Your Home Renovation PPC Campaigns From Average to Top

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



Due to the latest occurrences around the world, most industries have not had any other option rather than embracing digitalization for multiple purposes, including advertising. For the home services industry, it has not been any different. After giving a shot to diverse forms of digital advertisement, numerous businesses have seen that having a digital presence compensates for traditional marketing methods. On top of that, they have experienced better results.

At this point, the opportunity that PPC campaigns represent for this industry and many others is unquestionable. The tricky part is “how” to create campaigns that stand out from the rest.

Why Your Home Service Company Needs PPC Advertising

Having this in mind, did you know that it is possible to increase your conversions by 700% on home services campaigns as long as they are set up correctly? 

One of our clients was a 4th generation contractor serving NYC and surrounding areas. Our client’s goal was to acquire at least 15 qualified leads per month, decrease cost per conversion to $20 and have the highest impression share in the local market.

How did we do it?

  • Creating two search campaigns. One to increase brand awareness and generate leads, and the other to target website visitors and in-market audiences to reach all users searching for or planning to purchase the services.
  • Implementing the correct targeting methods. We used location targeting and relevant keywords while including a long list of negative keywords.
  • Adjusting bids properly. Our experts studied the audience behavior and noticed that some specific hours and devices converted much more. Therefore, they decided to adjust bids to ensure our ads were on top of Google’s SERPs and gain more impression share.
  • Making use of the best practices. We segmented the ad groups and included keywords matching our client’s website in each ad headline and description line. Moreover, our team added ad extensions, call extensions, callout extensions, structured snippets, message extensions, and sitelink extensions to deliver a complete message to our audience.
  • Automating the bidding strategy. Our specialists decided to use automated bidding to maximize bids. In this strategy, Google automatically sets bid amounts based on the likelihood that ads will result in a click or conversion.t

The Results?

Home Renovation PPC Case Study

After working with home services businesses for over ten years, our experts have gathered some digital advertising essentials you can’t miss when revamping your home renovation ppc campaigns.

Prioritize Landing Page Experience!

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to your landing pages and overall website is that it is one of the main aspects that Google evaluates when it comes to SERP ranking. The better your landing page is set up, the higher your chances of having a good quality score.

As you might already know, you always need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, all technical aspects are in place, and that you display relevant and high-quality content, including images and videos.

google’s quality score

On the other hand, when designing home renovation ppc campaigns, we strongly recommend creating multiple landing pages, meaning one for each service—for example, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, garage renovations, etc.

This will allow you to draft unique messages referring to the different needs that your audience may have and how your solutions are ideal for every situation. Besides, you can display relevant visual content and pricing information. This will not only help you improve the overall website´s relevance, but it will also be a determinant for conversions.

Setup Call Tracking for Home Renovation PPC Campaigns the Right Way

This tracking method allows you to determine which marketing channels, campaigns, and ads drive inbound calls. And with this, you can also prove that your ppc efforts are generating revenue.

One of the main things you want to avoid when it comes to home renovation ppc campaigns is to drive all your traffic to the same phone number you are using for other channels, such as traditional marketing campaigns.

You could set up a tracking number for your Google campaign, or it would be even better if you get a tracking line for each service which will make tracking ROI way easier.

Protip: You can enable call recording to listen to every call to get insightful information regarding your audience preferences.

Guarantee Your Campaign’s Success With an Optimal Targeting Strategy

One of the main things that marketers focus on for targeting purposes is the keyword strategy. Keyword targeting is crucial since this is how Google knows which searches can trigger your ads. The more relevant your keywords are, the higher your chances of reaching your target audience.

Boost Conversion Rates With Google Keyword Planner

In order to make your home renovation ppc campaigns as effective as possible, you should also try branded keywords like the name of your business which will help you get to the people searching for you.

Complement Your Strategy With Custom Audiences

Keyword targeting is essential for your campaigns, but other options can help you target more relevant leads for your business. Custom audiences is something that you might want to try when running your home renovation ppc campaigns.

This will help your ads appear in searches from people with specific interests, habits, and characteristics, which is ideal for reaching your target audience.

The Moment of Truth

Every day more businesses in the home services industry are implementing innovative strategies to get ahead in the digital marketing field. So this means it will take a lot more than some basic strategies for your home renovation ppc campaigns to succeed.

Your best shot is to try alternative advertising strategies tailored to your line of business. Some digital marketing agencies focus on offering ppc solutions customized for specific industries. Make sure to use this as leverage and get your home renovation ppc campaigns managed by a pro.