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3 Lead Generation Strategies for Home Services

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Lead generation is the process of cultivating and capturing a person who has already shown interest in your business’s products or services. In marketing, lead generation teams use digital channels to convert prospects.

There are various strategies that teams use that serve as pre-selling tactics, warming up consumers who have already expressed interest in your company’s product. Having these tools in place makes it easier for your business sales teams as it establishes brand awareness with the audience and assists them in making a sale. 

Read on for some of these strategies that you can consider for your home service business to get those sales in before the end of the year.

Social Media

Let’s start with the most obvious and at times, the most frustrating. Social media platforms allow brands to connect and share content with their desired audiences. Of course, the content shared on platforms needs to be useful and relevant to those viewing it. It also needs to stand out and add value within a sea messaging. 

Learning more about what your audience is interested in learning/hearing more about can cultivate a genuine interest and organic following among viewers. 

Make sure to add a CTAs wherever you’re placing content so you lead readers to your page. 

The formats available on social media allow for short, yet impactful touchpoints with consumers. The perfect format to promote offerings, quickly introduce a new product or provide helpful tidbits that slowly warm your client up to your brand without creating prolonged narratives.

Social media is also a place for brands to have a little more fun and show their culturally relevant side, share business culture, and create relatability with the team.


The home services industry shows no signs of slowing down, which means that competition will grow along with it. That said, tackling another way to spread your business wing can be to be featured on the Amazon Home Services pages and others like it.

“With more than 50 percent of all product searches happening on Amazon, rather than Google, you can bet that your target audience buys their televisions, faucets, fans, and more on Amazon. All these items require installation — which is why Amazon launched Amazon Home Services.”

The site allows customers to purchases home services through Amazon. Companies can offer services:

  • Standalone service: With a standalone service, shoppers only purchase your service. For example, lawn maintenance or house cleaning is an independent service on the platform. Users aren’t buying a product, only your service.
  • Add-on service: With an add-on service, shoppers purchase your service, plus a qualifying product. For example, a fan may feature installation services. When users add it to their cart, they can select with or without expert installation — you do not have to sell the product.

Whether users purchase your standalone or add-on service, they select a few ideal service dates and times when they checkout. Your company then picks the best one. Later, you receive payment from Amazon.


Whether it’s informational briefs, infographics, videos or Q&As, content is a way to gain credibility in your industry and connect with others that are looking to address issues that they are having.

You can create posts in various forms that will be enticing to readers:

  • Resource guide pages on the do’s and don’ts
  • Link-based blogs
  • Recommended brands 
  • Q&A posts

The more you post for your target audience, the more data you’ll get on what people are engaging with and where their interests lie. 

In addition to all that jazz, once you’ve posted, you can continue to spread notifications or tidbits of the post in the following ways:

  • Optimizing SEO, organic search and pay-per-click (PPC) success
  • Repurposing for your social media accounts
  • Networking with client testimonials, tagging them, and mentioning relevant questions that came up on a recent job


Of course, each business is different, but given that home services is growing, finding a way to stay top of mind and connect with your community is essential to business growth and capturing new leads. The best content is genuine, it will share your expertise on any given process or subject and provide a sense of credibility in your products and services. 

For more on best practices that can help your home services business flourish, reach out to one of our strategists and get onboard to White Shark Media’s specialty services today!

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