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Martech for Realtors: Is This Really a Worthwhile Investment?

Miguel Saballos

1 year ago



Did you know that most marketing teams allocate the greatest part of their budgets to Martech?

Marketing technology, also known as Martech, refers to software solutions used by marketers to support multiple objectives and drive better results. These technological tools have become crucial for marketing optimization and innovation across all industries. This is why Martech takes a 26.6% share of marketing budgets, according to research from LXA.

marketing budget allocation

Although realtors were not the first to embrace these solutions and were reluctant to change their approach, that has changed, and now they are seeing for themselves the benefits of using this technology. As a matter of fact, 53% of real estate companies are now investing in martech.

Thanks to all these constant advancements in martech for realtors, you will be able to find a variety of software that you can use for specific purposes. Keep on reading to learn how these solutions are being implemented to help marketers reach their goals in the most optimal ways.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Implementing MarTech in Your Business Strategy

Automated Lead Management

One of the most significant benefits of martech for realtors is that many processes can be automated, which is optimal for reducing workload. Everything around lead generation and management can be very time-consuming since you have to interact, qualify and follow up on your leads.

Don’t stay behind! This is something that you can get off your plate just by using conversational chatbots. AI is perfect for taking over these initial interactions by responding to queries, gathering information, qualifying leads, and guiding prospects in the right direction.

You might think that using a chatbot could be a bit impersonal, but don’t worry. With AI, you can continue to offer personalized attention since these mechanisms are constantly learning from experience and adjusting to provide optimal answers and make the right questions. From your prospects’ perception, it will be a normal and smooth interaction.

Customized Approach

Thanks to how digital advertising has evolved, it is now way easier to access and track the data from your customers, including their characteristics, interests, and how they have interacted with your assets. 

With AI-powered tools such as Google Analytics, you can process all this information and use it to target segmented markets and create tailored content.

Everything You Need to Know About Google Analytics 4

Visual Content at Hand

Another benefit of martech for realtors is visual content management. No real estate campaign will succeed without attractive and engaging visual assets. In the beginning, getting high-quality visuals for your campaigns was a complex process since you had to use additional platforms and then find a way to upload the content to your campaigns, which was not practical at all. Nowadays, you will not have this problem when using top digital marketing platforms like Google Ads.

Most of these platforms allow you to edit, store and manage all your visual content, including your images and videos.

The Advantage Of Mixing Up PPC And Martech For Realtors

When you know how to create your real estate ppc campaigns strategically and how to leverage martech, there is no doubt that you will knock it out of the park. But facts speak louder than words.

One of our clients, who owns a real estate agency focused on selling residential properties in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, wanted to improve its lead generation campaigns’ ROI and increase the overall number of calls to his business.

Our Actions:

  • Created targeted campaigns.
  • Added relevant locations using Google Analytics insights.
  • Installed contact form submission tracking.
  • Added an extensive negative keyword list to prevent irrelevant traffic.
  • Revamped ad copy text following best practices.

The Outcome?

We were able to improve the following metrics:

  • Increased Conversions by 271%
  • Boosted Traffic by 121%
  • Achieved a Conversion rate of 68%
  • Decreased Cost per Conversion by 49%

PPC And Martech For Realtors

Our PPC specialists have worked with multiple real estate agencies over the years. They have discovered that a basic ppc strategy standing on its own is not enough to survive in such a competitive environment. There are other complementary elements that you need to keep in mind, such as SEO, alternative digital channels, and last but not least, a complete martech stack.

Learn more about other ppc strategies and tools that can help you achieve all your marketing objectives by reviewing more of our content.