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Mastering the Art of Discovery Calls: A Salesperson’s Strategy Guide

Antonella Saravia

2 months ago

Stepping into the realm of sales requires diligence and a strategic approach—especially when it comes to the pivotal discovery call. 

Whether you’re representing a full-service digital marketing agency or another fast-paced sector, mastering discovery call techniques separates the good from the great in selling. 

In this blog post, we will unveil an in-depth sales strategy guide. From nurturing leads to closing deals, these techniques enhance your ability to listen actively, gauge client needs accurately, and position your services as indispensable solutions. 

What is a discovery call, and why is it important?

The discovery call is the professional equivalent of a coffee date. The goal is to gain knowledge. 

It is the first encounter between two businesses to get a feel for the other party, learning more about where they are, what they are looking for, and if you are a match.

In our industry, a digital marketing agency usually sets up a discovery call to respond to a potential client interested in its services. Qualifying leads on calls is an integral part of the sales process.

Below is a quick look at how each party benefits:

Your client:

  • Speaks to an industry expert on their challenges and objectives
  • Gains information that helps them reframe their “problem” 
  • Learns about common approaches, available resources
  • Outlines their investment potential based on new information

The digital marketing agency:

  • Establishes initial rapport with a potential client
  • Gains knowledge of the client’s pain points and industry 
  • Speaks directly to an interested party
  • Evaluate the feasibility of the opportunity 

Preparing for a discovery call

The main goal of a discovery call is to learn about the client’s challenges. Below are different ways to arrive at that faster.


It’s crucial to look interested in your client’s business, and that begins with research.

LinkedIn’s Global Stats of Sales report reveals that over 76% of top performers say they “always” perform research before reaching out to prospects, compared to 47% for other sellers. 

 Two things to help you get comfortable are:

  • Visit the business’s website
  • Look up your LinkedIn profile
    • Note commonalities in interests or work experiences
    • Scan for mutual contacts
    • Leverage Crystal Knows if possible to learn more about how to relate to the person to whom you will be speaking to

Create an agenda

You might think agendas are silly, but they are often your ace up your sleeve. Sharing an agenda with your client is the easiest way to show that you are an organized doer who respects their time. 

Often, conversations lead off the topic. This practice is common in everyday conversations, but you don’t want a confused client reaching out about things you should have discussed in your meeting. 

Even if you are short on time and have to speed through the last talking points, it’s better than not mentioning them.

Additionally, agendas help clients feel you have a standardized process at your agency. 

Discovery Call Scripts

Practice for a discovery call the same way you would an interview. 

Have a script planned on how to speak to your client in an empowering yet educational way. 

Your team can role-play with more experienced colleagues at your organization to get tips on speaking to specific points on your agenda.

Make sure to run through your agenda with your team. Jot down questions and flag concerns you might have from the research you have pulled.

Mistakes We’ve Made & How It Defined Our Approach

“Seasoned experts” summarize years of learning. You become an expert by making mistakes and learning to solve problems. Here are some of the errors and how they fine-tuned our ways.

Assuming It’s An Easy Sell 

You want to ensure this is a fluid conversation, not a pompous rant on your abilities. If you show interest in the particularities of the conversation, it can unfold. 

Here’s an example:

  • “What are your current capabilities in PPC?” can lead to “How do you think adding white label PPC” impacts your business?" 
  • This approach can also lead to “What other processes are slowing down your team?”

If they ask you questions, ensure your responses are clear and brief. Address the frustrations at hand before moving on to bigger plans. Speaking about anything other than the current problem can make a client feel that you are just focused on creating a sale instead of solving the problem.

Skipping an Agenda

We figure we’ll communicate the importance of an agenda if we mention it twice. Did it work? 

It’s easier to achieve a goal if you are aiming for it. After introductions, review the agenda with the client. Establish why you’ve prioritized those talking points and what the goal is. 

Ask if they’d like to add anything. This gesture will help them feel that the dynamic is considerate. 

Overlook Video Calls

Video calls are a lot more personal and engaging than audio calls. 

There is a buzz about video calls being more effective, but we’ll leave this as a recommendation and organizational preference. 

We benefit from video calls at White Shark Media because our casual conversations and client relationships are rooted in personability. We like adding a face to a name. We can also record video calls to revisit points and learn from our calls. 

We encourage our white-label clients to try this out for themselves. Compare client engagement and buyer responses to evaluate which works best for your team.

Discovery Call Follow-up Techniques

A best practice is to have a template for a follow-up to your discovery call. Standardized materials ensure that you include essential information and remind you to include common resources like blog posts or case studies that help the client decide.

Meet your team to review how you customize the template based on your client's needs and goals. Make sure to detail when you provide a proposal and the next step.

Whether you need more in-house expertise or want to scale your current offerings, our white-label services for agencies walk you every step of the way. 

Unlock your potential with expert guidance. Contact our team to learn about partnering with the best white-label digital marketing agency.