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3 Solid Features For Your Microsoft Advertising Campaigns

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



It’s true! Google has a stronghold on the search market. However, despite Google’s dominance, Microsoft Advertising continues to be extremely beneficial to ad campaigns and reaching audiences with a greater buying power.  

Did you know?

Those are some great points! What’s important to note is that both platforms have something to offer advertisers, and together, they can provide ideal coverage for your ad campaigns. That said, we’d like to introduce 3 Microsoft features that can be valuable additions to your ad campaigns. Read on for more!

LinkedIn Profile Targeting

Why save the best for last? Life is short; let’s start with Microsoft’s coolest feature: LinkedIn Profile Targeting. 

If your ideal audience is made up of business professionals, this feature will help you reach them on a granular level. Features allow advertisers to work smarter by narrowing down users by Company, Industry, and Job Function options. LinkedIn profile targeting is available for: 

  • Search campaigns
  • Dynamic search ad campaigns
  • Bing Shopping Campaigns
  • Audience campaigns

Action Extensions

Action Extensions allow advertisers to highlight a clear call-to-action on text ads with the intention of driving website traffic. Some things to note about these extensions:

Action Extensions are charged the same cost-per-click (CPC) as clicks on the ad headline and can be shown with other ad extensions, including site links.

Competition Tab

The competition tab helps advertisers provide insightful data on the competitive landscape. This includes analysis using machine learning to identify opportunities within your campaigns and recommend optimizations. This will help you save time and become more confident about the decisions you’re making for your business.

The competition tab has two sections, the Audience Insights and Recommendations. Audience Insights shows how your impressions are holding up against your competition. The Recommendations tab provides suggestions on how to improve campaign performance against the competition. 

As mentioned earlier, though Google dominates search, Microsoft is as necessary due to its unique features and massive network. Stay tuned for most posts on Microsoft Advertising campaigns with our blog. Subscribe here today!