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How LinkedIn Is Helping You Reach Those Already Interested In Your Product

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



In a recent post, we discussed why LinkedIn advertising is essential to your digital strategy. Since teaming up with Bing, LinkedIn’s new features are all the rage. Recently, LinkedIn ads implemented interest targeting. This new component is available in your Campaign Manager and will leverage professional interests to provide the relevant ads to members.


How does it work?

The beauty of social media networks is that members engage willingly with content on an everyday basis. On LinkedIn, users participate in conversations, share articles, follow topics, and comment on their interests. On Bing, they search these same points. Each of these elements provides telling data that can make your campaigns smarter and more purposeful.


So, what can I do with Interest Targeting?

Each member has the option of selecting from more than 200 professional interest categories. Let’s say your business sells Corporate Travel packages. Creating Sponsored ads that describe your services in detail and address pain points to people who are interested in “Corporate Travel” is much more purposeful than generic communications to everyone. Messaging can address the doubts that this audience may have and get them to commit.


How is LinkedIn a useful platform?

LinkedIn is growing each year. The network currently has a whopping 610 million users. These members are actively connecting, looking for opportunities, and engaging in content that serves their interests.

This mountain of data paired with Bing’s search platform allows users to leverage insights to target purposefully. Advertisers can apply various filters to target their desired audiences. Do you want to focus on someone in the medical industry outside in California? Do you have a product or service that is ideal for upper-management at a big company? Utilizing LinkedIn for business will allow you to reach the right consumers by filtering an industry, a location, and/or a job-function. This feature is not available on Google or Facebook ads.

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How can you use it properly?

Partnering with an agency like White Shark Media to facilitate this set up is critical as these platforms have a myriad of features and tricks that can be overlooked. Nevertheless, understanding how they work can help you define your objectives to start that conversation.

Choosing the right interests is essential. To do this, you’ll want to focus on your own content.

  • What are the trending topics?
  • What topics perform best?
  • What topics are shared regularly?

Don’t stress at the start of your campaign. Insights come slowly. Over time, you’ll learn how to narrow these down. Prioritize testing various topics for more accurate data.

View each interest separately, so the information provided is clear. For example, you may think everyone is interested in “Travel” to the “Caribbean,” but you may learn there is an interest in one specific location.

These new LinkedIn advertising features are beneficial to your business and worth learning more about. Reach out to White Shark Media to find out how we can help you connect with your ideal audience.

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