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How to Create Cost-Effective Campaigns With Microsoft Advertising

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



As you may or may not know, in recent years, Microsoft Advertising has pulled its weight as a search engine network. Despite Google Ads’ massive reach, the capabilities available on this platform to you are endless. This is why we reviewed the cost-effective campaigns that are available to marketers on Microsoft Advertising.

Below is a breakdown by our strategists. It includes the points we’ve been communicating to our partners who haven’t experienced the joys and benefits of the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Products of Microsoft Advertising 

It’s impossible for anyone to discredit Google Ads as a paid advertising tool. Undoubtedly, it is the most used search engine out there. However, a second point that is just as valid is that you can’t afford to skip out on Microsoft Advertising as it is a cost-effective platform that can give you the same results as Google Ads. 

It surprises our partners when they discover that there’s so much more you can do by pairing Google Ads campaigns with Microsoft Advertising. Adding the Microsoft Search Network to a digital strategy provides the visibility that so many businesses are looking for at a cost-effective price. 

To succeed in paid advertising, it’s essential to include this in your strategy. 

Here’s why:

  • News features such as Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns and Automated Rules have made it easier to buy on the Microsoft platform. The upgrades offer positive customer experiences that are not only attributed to the platform, but to the brand as well.
  • LinkedIn Audience Targeting allows you to reach a quality audience in a professional context. You will be able to market to influencers, decision-makers, and executives who act on new opportunities while maximizing your budget and being cost-effective.
  • Remarketing in Paid Search lets you reconnect with previous visitors to your website

Microsoft Advertising Search Networks connects you to shoppers in a variety of industries. Each month, Microsoft averages unique searchers by industry: 

  • 15M for Automotive
  • 33m for Technology
  • 31M for Business & Finance
  • 25M for Education 
  • 61M for Retail
  • 29M for Travel
  • 10M for Telecom

Furthermore, as Microsoft Partners we vouch for the top-notch customer support that is available every day at no additional cost. Whether it’s a question on signing up, keywords, or optimizing a campaign, as a PPC agency we have always been able to address our concerns and our clients at the drop of a hat.

The Microsoft Advertising Audience

Aside from high-quality products, new innovative features, and cost-effective deals, Microsoft Advertising connects you to millions of searchers not using Google, some of which are more affluent and educated. 

Each of these networks works differently as each is made up of different audiences and features. Among its differences, the Microsoft Search Network connects business with 49.4 million searchers that Google can’t reach. 

The Microsoft audience offers advertisers a financially savvy user who spends more online. More precisely, audiences spend a whopping 35% more online than the average internet searching. Some additional points on Microsoft audiences include:


With lower CPCs and great ROI, Microsoft isn’t a Google Ads alternative but rather a strategic partner. Clearly, it’s worth looking into as you address your slumps and consider new cost-effective tactics this year. To help you monitor your Microsoft Advertising campaigns, sign up for our AdInsights tool!