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Microsoft Paid Search Strategies That Are Ideal for Agencies

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



As an agency, it’s extremely important to leverage the ins and outs of your client’s industries. Strategists require expertise to stretch a client’s marketing budget without compromising quality. 

As a paid search agency, we understand the common concerns that your client will have. Our experience, coupled with our white label program, has helped us understand the objectives and obstacles that you face. 

Therefore, to ensure that we provide the best services possible, we learn from each other’s campaigns, obstacles, and successes. Our strategists have long been communicating the benefits of Microsoft Advertising, but recently we’ve walked our partner through the advantages that are available to them.

Understanding Microsoft Paid Search

Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system available on both Bing and Yahoo. It offers two main audiences, Search and Display.

Microsoft Advertising Search Partners

Microsoft Display Network

This network reaches users when they are browsing the Forbes website, reading an article on the WSJ, or checking their Outlook. 

Microsoft Search Network

This network consists of Bing and partner sites which include apps, sites, third-party platforms used by searchers. In the US alone, the Microsoft Search Network has 116 million unique searchers. 

Bing: Bing is owned by Microsoft and is home to three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, AOL. When you use Bing your ads are eligible to appear on these platforms. Sweet deal, right? We know. If you’re going to experiment with one, this is the platform to do it on. Bing connects your clients with a large customer base. Its features allow users to search, see your ads and contact you.

  • Bing powers 11.2 billion monthly searches around the globe.
  • Moreover, 49.4 million of these users aren’t available on Google.

Though the market share is slightly smaller to Google, Bing’s audience spends more than the average internet user. It’s really important for agencies to offer their clients the quality of the leads that are available and Bing helps marketers do that. To add, the CPC is also lower across verticals. That’s a lot to consider. 

Briefly, these are a few of the reasons our strategists encourage partners to add Microsoft to your clients’ portfolio. Microsoft’s paid search is purposeful and available at a lower price. 

Microsoft Paid Search Features 

Microsoft LinkedIn Profile Targeting

This buzzworthy add-on is as the younger generation puts it, “All the rage.” This automated feature will narrow down your audience based on selected filters such as company, job function, and industry. 

Outside of LinkedIn itself, Microsoft Advertising is the only digital advertising platform to offer LinkedIn Profile Targeting. Many businesses have benefited from this level of detail. 

LinkedIn Profile Targeting Statistics

LinkedIn Profile Targeting Audiences

Microsoft In-market & Custom Audiences

Ever think about all those missed connections? Everyone wants to recapture a user that jumped off before a conversion. You can do this with Microsoft Advertising audience settings. 

  • In Market Audiences:  This add-on identifies interested users (searching within your vertical) and adds them to a list as potential customers. They are associated on the ad group level, which lets you modify the bids for these audiences. It’s similar to remarketing, but this list is created by the paid search service (in this case, Microsoft Advertising).
  • Custom Audiences: This is a type of remarketing list that leverages first-party data to create rich user segments. These are also associated on the ad group level. 

Microsoft Advertising Custom Audiences Best Practices

These features allow you to provide high-quality engagement. 


Once again, as a paid search agency, we understand the common concerns that your client will have. Undoubtedly, you will want to stretch your marketing budget and we’re here to help you do that. Contact us directly for more about how our paid search advertising services can work with your agency.


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