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Display Up to 5 Images with Microsoft Advertising Multi-Image Extensions

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



As a business, one of the things that you can offer clients is variety. For example, let’s say that you are a local bakery. Your company’s “bread and butter” consist of various breakfast products such as croissants, whole wheat loaves, and muffins. You always offer plenty of options for your customers to enjoy.

As a marketer for this bakery, you’ve been limited in how you can feature all these products in your ads. 

Drum roll! 

Microsoft Advertising enhances its marketing technology with the addition of Multi-Image Extensions for search ads. This image extension allows marketers to feature up to 5 images on each ad placement on search pages. 

Marketers can enable this feature on a maximum of 1,000 campaigns and 1,000 ad groups. 

What Are Multi-Image Extensions?

Multi-Image Extensions can be used for any keyword, including brand, product, and category terms. Each image requires its URL and must be relevant to the ad and its corresponding landing page. 

You can easily and quickly enhance ads and help them stand out on search results pages by featuring your unique variety of products. Users can explore more of the products available to them, giving them more reason to visit your site. 

So, what will this new ad format look like? Check it out:

Multi-image extensions

  • Desktops will serve three images with the option to add up to two additional photos
  • Mobile devices will show one image with the ability to swipe to see up to four more images
  • Ads served in the US, English market only

Image Requirements for Your Multi-Image Extensions

Below you can find Microsoft’s requirements to enable multi-image extensions.

Multi Image Extensions Image Requirements

Once you upload an image, Microsoft will automatically crop the images to four preset aspect ratios. The platform also allows to upload your own images individually. Below you can find the specifics for you to crop the images manually:

  • Minimum image dimensions: 760 x 400 pixels
  • Maximum image dimensions: 1900 x 1000 pixels
  • Recommended image dimensions: 1200 x 628 pixels

Microsoft Advertising Multi Image Extensions - Requirements

How to Enable Microsoft Advertising Multi-Image Extensions?

A Short Guide to Microsoft Advertising Multi-Image Extensions

More Exciting News From Microsoft

In addition to this swanky new feature, Microsoft Advertising will also be updating its UI for setting up and managing all image extension ad formats. This update includes changes to single Image Extensions, Multi-Image Extensions, and Audience Ads

Advertisers will gain free access to Shutterstock images for Microsoft Advertising campaigns and new image extension ad previews.

Also, simplified image management controls allow advertisers to extend their text ads with a single-image extension, multi-image extension, or both:

Microsoft Advertising Image Management Controls

Advertisers can browse a library of over 320 million high-quality, advertising-ready images for free for their ads:

Microsoft Advertising Image Library

Extension ad previews will make setup easier with previews of your images:

Microsoft Advertising Extension Ads Previews

Microsoft is continuously launching new marketing technology to help businesses connect with users during this online opportunity jump. 

Another noteworthy feature released by Microsoft Advertising is LinkedIn Profile targeting, which is now available to all marketers.

As we continue to see Microsoft release game-changing features, stay tuned for the pilot program scheduled for smart shopping! 

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