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Microsoft Blueprint For Promotional Campaigns: Achieve Valentine’s Day Success

Antonella Saravia

4 years ago



Microsoft Advertising’s Keyword Planner can come extremely handy in the next few days. Put to good use; it helps you conduct keyword research and identify the most effective ad groups and keywords to boost your campaign performance.

Based on historical data, search engine trends, and marketplace competition, we’ve gathered insights to help you understand the impact that the right keywords can have on your campaigns, check them out: 

  • One of the ways to reap the benefits of keywords is to make sure that you are setting bids and budgets that you are uncomfortable with. Experimental phases are enjoyed when they align with our way of doing things. Measure and pace each of these until you’ve reached the volume and performance you’re looking for.
  • Leverage keywords for targeting settings so that they are more impactful for local searches.
  • At no additional cost, make your campaigns and any of the text included in your digital advertising more relevant to what is being searched by users.

You can begin using the Microsoft Advertising Keyword Planner tool now to research and plan your campaigns. Then, when you’re ready, a Microsoft Advertising expert is available to help you do more with your keywords and copy to boost your ad performance. The advice is free, and the appointment is quick and easy to set up.

Here is a quick video on using Microsoft Ads Keyword Planner.


Use Promotion Extensions

  • Action Extensions allows businesses to build effective ads for PC and mobile devices. Action extensions will highlight a clear call-to-action on your text ads to entice customers to click and drive them to your website immediately. Extensions can be set at the account, campaign, or ad group level, where the lowest level takes precedence. There is a limit of 20 associations per level. You’ll be able to set up schedules and leverage AI-powered extensions. 

  • Price Extensions display products or services, alongside corresponding prices. These extensions will only show on ads listed at the very top of the results page. Searchers will see precisely what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. This helps to increase your clicks and drive potential customers straight to your converting experiences.

  • Location Extensions are helpful when customers are looking to find a local business. Sometimes there isn’t enough time for deliveries. If anyone is in a rush this Valentine’s Day, Microsoft can help them find your place! These extensions will include your business address and phone number directly in your ads.

  • Callout Extensions will display competitive offers to users. With an additional line on your ad, you can give prospects more reasons to click on your ads. These extensions increase your ad size. You can also: 
    • Combine with other extensions to boost engagement.
    • Callout Extensions can appear for mainline and sidebar ads.

Leverage the Microsoft Audience for promotions

The Microsoft network offers millions of searchers and placements on premium sites such as Outlook, MSN, Microsoft Edge & select parent sites.

In-market audiences are people who are actively searching. Google is known for its massive reach, while Microsoft Audience is known for its purchasing power. The Microsoft Search Network audience spends 35% more online when shopping from their desktop computers than average internet searchers. 

Microsoft is currently the only platform to use a LinkedIn Profile Targeting. With over 550 million users, you’ll be able to filter audiences by Industry, Company & Job Functions. This beta is available only in the US.

Last but not least, Microsoft custom audiences will use your data to connect you to the right audience to improve campaign performance. 

Similar to a remarketing dynamic, custom audiences can be added on an Ad Group level and can be adjusted with audience filters to ensure bids are purposeful. For more on custom audience, click here.



These three features provide a better understanding of your promotional campaigns. Also, they will add value to special offers when they come up. 

As you set features to your Microsoft Advertising campaigns, monitor them. Note the jumps in your campaigns. Over time, you can determine which are ideal for your industry, brand, and products and create smarter campaigns for the months to come. 

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