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Why Your Business Should Be Advertising on LinkedIn – Beginners Guide

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



Does your brand currently advertise on LinkedIn? It probably doesn’t. For a long time, LinkedIn advertising seemed limited compared to other platforms. This was before Microsoft purchased LinkedIn. Since then, the holy union between LinkedIn and Bing will soon enable Bing ads to target their search campaigns to a user’s company, industry, and other identifiers by leveraging data from their LinkedIn profile.


Profile Targeting

So, how would this work? Have you ever seen someone walking out of a venue and thought, “How do I reach him?” Your ideal customer right in front of you and you’d love to be able to reach him directly. Could it be that easy? Well, thanks to Bing’s Audience Campaigns now you can. Bing leverages the rich user-data from LinkedIn to help advertisers reach their target audiences.

In simple terms, the Audience Campaigns use a set of targeting methods such as location and job function to find your ideal customer and serve ads directly to them. Whatever the specifics you’d like to pair, they will work together for smarter targeting. Other filters include age and gender.

These ads will run across the Bing Network. This includes MSN (home page and in-article spots across the entire domain site), Outlook, and ad spots on the EDGE browser.

So regardless if you’d like to target employees at Microsoft, Sports industry executives, or a specific kind of engineer, it’s now possible.

If your ideal audience is people in the medical industry, particularly those working in hospitals or related institutions, you can now focus your advertising on them. Want to get as specific as job function? If nurses are the main group, you set your filter to match it. You create your ads to get their attention.

Below is an example of how one business could leverage this feature:

Say you are a real estate broker. You reach out to White Shark Media to help you set up a campaign with LinkedIn profile targeting for your advertising. You want to focus on selling high end retirement homes just outside of New York City. You know that these properties are more likely to be purchased by for white collar executives over the age of 50. You have a good idea of where these individuals currently live or work and you set the filters accordingly. Voilà, you’re in business!

Other Reasons To Try LinkedIn

Sounds neat, right? It is, and profile targeting isn’t the only reason that considering LinkedIn Advertising makes sense.

“According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, LinkedIn is the third most commonly used social network for business owners.” In terms of reaching business owners, it’s the right place to be and the platform is expected to continue to grow with business marketers.

Separately, a proper LinkedIn page and company website could increase your brand’s search visibility, be it on Google or Bing.

Your campaign could benefit from these new features. Reach out to someone at White Shark Media to learn more about how Bing’s LinkedIn Profile Targeting can help you reach your ideal audience and improve your marketing strategy.


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