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Why Your Business Should Advertise On Bing

Mauricio Orantes

5 years ago



Considering, thinking or putting off advertising your business on Bing? If so, you’re opening up the door to your direct competition. Bing is growing. Don’t choose to ignore the potential visibility, new business, and growth to you.  The audience is searching, buying, browsing, and advertisers will be taking note. Let’s get honest and strategic, a true digital marketing plan, cannot deny Microsoft’s sleeping giant, Bing. In an ever increasing connected world, advertisers big and small, need to out-think their competition, stay on top of new offerings, get in front of audiences, and be present on any and all screens.

Dollars and Sense

Bing is likely underutilized in many segments, maybe yours, and that is your opportunity. If others are not advertising on Bing, you must fill those search results with your ads. Own that results page! The fact is your advertising dollar will get you additional clicks competitively cheaper than what you get with other networks.

Who Uses Bing?

Microsoft has taken measures to integrate Bing across several properties in their product suite, and it is working. In 2014, the Bing network grew from powering over 1-in-4 PC searches (28%), to definitively powering 1-in-3 pc searches (33.8%) in 2018. Bing will become the stitching technology behind getting you the results you need, across all of a customer’s connected devices, personalized and relevant. Microsoft is powering a lot more than you know and we are making strategic alliances to support and plug into your flow with brands people trust and love. Brands like Amazon, Wall Street Journal, Android, Apple, Yahoo, and many others.

If you are at work, you are probably reading this from a PC, powered by Windows. Windows 10 powers over 600 million PCs and that number continue to increase, year-over-year. Want to know more? Call your White Shark Media rep to discuss what else we power.  

Wait. Wait. There is More!

Bing is Microsoft’s Largest AI application. The search activity has gotten us to this point where now the technology and data is identifying audiences in the market for services, products and more. The technology is presenting more information to help advertisers place their dollar where it matters most: at the right time and right placement.  

Getting An Edge On The Competition – Microsoft Audience Network

Now that I have given you the sales pitch, the facts on the network, the numbers on reach, I want to provide you with a product update you should apply alongside the search campaigns, Audience Targeting. You now have the opportunity to extend you Ads across various Microsoft and third-party properties. Here are the two options available to marketers:

Audience Ads search-extensions. This is a basic approach that pushes the Bing campaign out to the broader Microsoft Audience Network.

Audience Ads campaigns. These include dedicated/optimized creative and separate reporting.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting up Audience Extensions for search campaigns to increase your reach and build out your remarketing lists.

One More Pro Tip: The dedicated Audience Ads campaigns make powerful remarketing efforts. The targeting lets you layer on the unique audiences like company, industry or in-market audiences.

Ok, One More Last Pro Tip: Download the UET Code and add that to every page on your site to get conversion reporting AND build out those remarketing lists!

Don’t Wait. Get Started

I hope I created some real FOMO here, because, *dramatic pause*, there is still time. 2019 is going to be big for Bing, and it should be big for your business. You landed on this page or are reading this post because you are researching the best agency or partners. You landed on the right people. White Shark Media has a long track record of driving the right results and partnering with top publishers, like us, to ensure they provide top service.

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