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Partner Portal: New Features and Improvements

Daniel Alvarado

6 years ago



A couple of months back, we announced a list of new features and improved functionalities that our BIS team was working on to improve your Partner CRM Portal. We are excited to say that these are available now on our Partner CRM Portal!

In case you didn’t know, our Partner Portal is a centralized hub where our agency partners can:

  • See a log of all the work being done on their client’s accounts
  • Stay in touch with their account team through service requests
  • Manage their new client pipeline and collaborate with our expert sales managers
  • Access a full library of sales and marketing collateral

Our Portal was released last year, and while we were confident we had delivered a great product,  our tech team was working behind the scenes on some nifty new functionality:

Quick Proposals

Our White-Labeled Custom Proposals are one of the most popular perks among our agency partners. After reviewing heatmaps, internal analytics, and asking for feedback, we decided it was time to make the process simpler, while still collecting enough data to tailor the proposal to every agency’s use-case.

We are excited to announce quick proposals, which are free, have a faster turnaround (24 hours) and can benefit you when you are trying to get a quick pitch to a prospect before preparing a longer, more detailed proposal. Our three-page quick proposals focus on:

  • Potential Reach
  • Basic Keyword Selection
  • Competitor Insights
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Results Forecasts

All of the above is, of course, based on your prospect’s geo and industry. The purpose of the Quick Quotes is to provide you with a faster turnaround in cases where the thoroughness of a Full Proposal is not required. We look forward to seeing your feedback on these!

Take a look at our Quick Proposal sample here.

Sign up New Clients Yourself!

The first release of our portal was centered on transparency: providing agency partners with full visibility of everything our team does and are scheduled to do. The next step was to focus on self-service, with emphasis on minimizing the number of steps it takes to get things done across the board.

Have a new prospect who is ready to get started? Simply log into the portal, head over to the My Clients tab, and click on Add New Client to begin the process.

And don’t worry, we’ll only ask you to enter the information that is critical for our team to develop their PPC campaigns.  Once you’ve completed the steps, your new client details will be sent over to our team and you can rest assured that everything will be done for you in record time – as usual.

All Your Cases in One Place!

You spoke, and we listened! We have added a new tab to the portal for you to view all the support cases you have created across all of your clients. You will be able to quickly see what is being worked on, what was recently closed, and also create new cases quickly.

Multi-File Support for Cases

We have rolled out the ability to add multiple files when creating support cases, and we have also enabled you to add attachments on case comments in case you need to provide additional details via images, PDFs, or spreadsheets.

Billing and Invoice History

One of the most-requested features from Partners is finally released. You will now review payment history and easily access or download every invoice along with the full breakdown of what you paid per end-client. You will also create billing tickets whenever you have questions about your payments.

We really wanted this one to make the V1 release, but we also knew it was more important to make sure it was perfect before sharing, and now it is!

We are Releasing More Soon!

All these new features and improvements are just the beginning! We are always working on improving your experience and we have more prepared for you soon. If you’d like to learn more about our Portal, get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide a live demo!

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