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PPC Proposals That Take Your Close Rate to New Heights – Part I

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



The competition out there is fierce! And the marketing industry is actually one of the most competitive ones. This is why you can’t afford to have just an average sales approach. When it comes to the sales pitch, there might be many different variables that come to your mind, like your prospect’s profile, the message you want to get across, your marketing approach, or the competition; you’re not wrong for thinking about all these aspects, but keep in mind that no great idea, speech, or strategy will succeed without a strong base.

Proposals Are The Way

The cornerstone of your sales pitch is your proposal. With a well-structured PPC proposal, you can convince your prospects that you are exactly what they are looking for. If you are still not convinced of the huge difference that proposals make in the sales process. Here are some specific advantages that you can get out of them.

  1. Work as a guide for your sales pitch to flow in an organized manner.
  2. Help you establish a foundation of trust by demonstrating how prepared and savvy you are on the subject.
  3. You get the opportunity to detail all the characteristics that make you stand out from the competition.
  4. Get your message across by communicating all aspects of your services, strategy, and required budget.
  5. Use them to set the right expectations regarding timelines and results.

targeting audiences with ppc proposals

The difference that proposals make in your sales process is immeasurable. Now, this can be for the good or the bad, depending on how much effort you put into their detail. 

After many years of experience in the industry, our experts have gathered some essentials that will guide you through creating strong PPC proposals that will help you guarantee your sales pitch success.

Get To Know Your Prospect

If you want to make your proposal stand out from the rest, it needs to be personalized. How do you do this? The answer is simple, get to know your prospects very well. Below are some essential questions to help guide you.

  • What product or service does the prospect want to promote?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What locations do they want to target?
  • Which are the top keywords they want to focus on?
  • What conversions are they interested in? i.e.clicks, calls, sign-ups, etc.
  • Is there any specific need or challenge they need you to focus on?

By finding an answer to each of these questions, you will have a great starting point for creating your customized proposal. Once you know exactly where your prospects stand, their strengths, and weaknesses, you can move on to the next step, market research. Some essential aspects that you need to cover at this point are competition, industry trends, and advertising channels.

Besides getting to know your prospects, their competitors, and the industry, find out if this is their first time using PPC advertising. With potential clients that are already running PPC campaigns, you can add even more value to your proposal by making an audit of their current campaigns.

PPC Audit to Effectively Deliver Proposals

By covering all these components in the elaboration of your PPC proposal, you will succeed at your pitch and close a deal. Now let’s review what to add to a comprehensive PPC proposal.

Follow the Right Structure

As mentioned before, one of the main advantages of a proposal is to guide you and help you organize your ideas. It basically gives clarity to you and your prospect to keep you both on the same page. This is why you need to make sure that your content is well-structured.

ppc proposal example

Once you have studied your prospect and done the proper research, you can start putting together all the components of your PPC proposal. Some essential aspects that a comprehensive proposal should cover:

  • Target Audience
  • Account Audit (If available)
  • Keyword Research and Suggestions
  • Main PPC Competitors
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Lead Projections

By following this structure and customizing every element to meet your prospect’s needs, you will make it really hard for your competitors to beat or even match your PPC proposal if you want to learn more about how to structure a PPC proposal, stay tuned for the second part of this blog.

Set the Right Expectations

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to sales is to do things just to get them out of your way and leave details unclear. Setting clear expectations determines closing your sales and ensuring the client won’t regret doing business with you. A few suggestions that will help you give clarity and peace of mind to your prospects through your proposals are:

  • Have in mind the goals they want to achieve, but set expectations about them. Ensure to set goals that are aligned with your prospective clients’ objectives but that are also achievable.
  • Set an estimated timeframe in which they will be able to see results. Keep in mind that it takes up to 90 days to start seeing the outcome of PPC efforts.
  • Create a standard for communication. Describe how your POC will be contacted and how often. This will give them peace of mind and will also help your team do their work without being unnecessarily interrupted.

Tips to Effectively Communicate With Your Clients

PPC Proposals in for the Win

We all know how discouraging it gets when you pitch to prospective clients over and over again without seeing positive results, especially when you have invested so much time and effort into the process. This is why you need to maximize your possibilities to convert those prospects into clients by supporting your pitch with an outstanding PPC proposal. 

Keep in mind that there are many effective ways to create proposals. However, it is not only about playing hard but also smart. An automated proposal tool will simplify this tedious process and help you create accurate proposals in minutes. If you are eager to learn more about successful proposals to become a master in PPC sales, make sure to subscribe to our blog.