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A PPC Agency’s Guide to Software

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



We are all witnesses to how the last few years reshaped our business models and shifted reliance on digital technologies today in business.

During the pandemic, SaaS:

  • Reshaped business models to embrace digital technologies.
  • Adaptation to new processes and operations.
  • Launching new client experiences.

A study by Microsoft found that 72% of enterprises claim that COVID-19 accelerated their digital transformation. However, the shift was painful for many; the benefits of SaaS technology and automation that come with digitalization promise to make life easier for all.

SaaS stands for “software as a service,” and it delivers software applications over the internet. This service works much like a subscription through a cloud system. The host provides maintenance and upgrades without any trouble of contact.

With all the options available out there and more emerging as you read this, it’s hard to determine which of these tools will be instrumental to your business. Our post reviews some of the SaaS technology and automation options available and how they can help you reach your business goals.

Why Your Agency Needs SaaS & Automation

It is expected that by 2025 all companies will rely solely on SaaS & automation. Many businesses, no matter the industry or market, have digitally transformed during these past couple years have managed to make this transformation permanent and sustainable.

A survey by McKinsey Global found that companies have accelerated the digitization of customer and supply-chain interactions and of internal operations by 3 – 4 years.

Making these changes has Digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by 7 years.

companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer interaction after Covid 19 chart

Digital transformation empowers your people, engages clients, optimizes operations and transforms your services/products. Coupled with the human touch, these automated tools help achieve scalability and operational efficiency for PPC management.

Though implementing requires a process, SaaS technology can address so many issues. A primary example is streamlining your operations.

Streamline Sales and Production

SaaS technology can allow businesses to achieve the goal that everyone is after–sustain the gains from this short period of transformation. SaaS marketing tools automate and streamline production, marketing, operation, and sales to benefit. Acquiring this service leads to:

  • Higher-value relationships: Use SaaS marketing automation to support initial marketing automation technology adoption and strategy, create email templates, nurture sequences, ongoing builds of campaign assets, metrics analysis, and optimization, making it difficult for clients to change agencies.
  • Revenue streams: Migrate from unpredictable project work to retainer-based relationships; clients struggle with the technology and are confused with how/where to personalize.
  • Workflow: Save time for building relationships, searching for new growth opportunities, or building stamina for new challenges.

The Advantages of Using SaaS

How important is technology? Integrating SaaS technology into everyday life quickly demonstrated its ability to support businesses in more efficient work and scalability.

Growing fast, a recent post by Forbes claims that they expect vertical SaaS solutions are trending to climb in 2021 due to the customizable software offered to its customers across industries. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduce costs with low upfront fees. SaaS providers own the environment and manage low costs with a subscription basis. Most are pay-as-you-go models saving on unused licensing.
  • Scalable model. Because the software resides in cloud environments, adjusting usage plans is easy and can be done without advance notice. Access is remote with any internet connection. Version discrepancies with traditional software can lead to compatibility issues. Scalability and integration can be easily combined with other software and upgraded or downgraded based on need.
  • Reduce the time: No Installation or configuration required; avoid any issues of deployment. Free of development headaches and easily accessed by everyone on your team.
  • New releases (upgrades) provide easy access to software updates without effort.

Aside from elevating internal processes, SaaS promises to do the same for client experiences.


SaaS has emerged as the dominant model for digital productivity and communication tools, beneficial to digital marketing agencies as the market becomes increasingly competitive. The services provided by SaaS solutions accommodate niche needs and allow businesses to improve internal processes and revenue.

As new SaaS services continue to rise, we’ll keep you in the loop of added features and benefits. Subscribing to our blog to get updates directly in your inbox!