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Two Exercises to Align Your PPC Campaigns with Voice Search

Antonella Saravia

5 years ago



As usual, the game is changing. Voice technology is taking over as virtual assistants at home and in the office are becoming more and more common. What once began with simple commands to place a call has now unraveled into carrying out a series of tasks such as navigation, playing music, answering questions, and even tackling your to-do list.

According to recent studies, “By 2020, 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-based.” This can definitely create a change in how people are searching and accessing information which has a direct impact on your PPC strategy. The reason for this is that people will no longer be prioritizing the search results page for certain items. 

A survey by OC&C Strategy Consultants, reviewed on PR Newswire, shows that voice search is most popular among lower value items such as groceries, entertainment, and electronics. But don’t fret, not all is lost. As the dynamic begins to shift, there are optimizations that you can make to your campaigns to align with voice search. 

Use Natural Language

Though you may not notice it, we speak differently than we write. A verbal request is quite different than a typed one. Implementing natural phrases and questions will allow your PPC campaigns to line up with verbal search queries. Here’s an example of how they can differ:

Written: “Supermarkets near me” 

Spoken: “Hey Cortana, find me a supermarket on the way home”

Focus on Mobile

Optimizing your site for mobile will help PPC campaigns align with voice search. When a request is made, assistants will send a link that users can see from their phones. Not having a friendly mobile site could pose an issue as the user will not find what they are looking for and quickly move on to another site. Some other ways to prepare for mobile traffic are:

  • Focus design on mobile-first, and then repurposing for desktops.
  • Respect the flow and layout of content, don’t overload the site. 
  • Optimize page speed so that everything on your site loads quickly and is easy to access.


As technology shifts, the best practices will always stem from the exercises that align your PPC campaigns with these new behaviors. With shifts such as these, make sure to stay informed on how they are having an impact on how people are looking for… and accessing your products and services. Subscribe to the White Shark Media newsletter to stay up to date on all things PPC. 

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