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How To Grow Your Law Firm’s Digital Footprint Through Outsourcing

White Shark Media

7 years ago



Managing a business in today’s landscape can be exhausting; in addition to providing the best service or product possible, it’s also crucial to execute strong operations policies and cutting-edge marketing campaigns. One of the things many company leaders struggle with is knowing when to ask for help. Some businesses try to master everything without asking for help, but this often results in a team that is stretched too thin or under qualified to lead impactful projects and campaigns. It’s not realistic for a small team to be proficient in every aspect of management and marketing, which is why employing quality outsourcing techniques is crucial to longevity.

Law is one such industry that benefits greatly from strategic outsourcing. The complexities and difficulties of practicing law are seemingly infinite. In addition to long hours, elaborate cases, ongoing testing, and constant awareness of policy changes and emerging case studies, law firms must also undertake common operations and marketing programs to ensure a solid pipeline of potential clients. Additionally, lawyers cannot afford to over-extend themselves; if their attention spans wander from their clients and cases to operational or marketing issues, there is the risk that crucial case details might be overlooked. No law firm clients want to hear that their case was lost because their team was attending to firm marketing matters. While it may be tempting to save the firm’s dollars and maintain all marketing projects in-house, law firms should consider outsourcing their digital needs to qualified marketing agencies.

When a project is outsourced, a third-party steps in to assume all responsibilities required for the project’s success. Outsourcing is essentially acknowledging that there may be external service providers better equipped to take on and manage a specific project successfully. Some businesses choose to outsource marketing and operational needs as a means of cutting down on costs, because all too often bringing in a specialized in-house team consumes a significant portion of an organization’s budget. When outsourcing occurs, the organization paying for the third-party provider’s service must relinquish some control, which can be tough to stomach. But in the end, outsourcing often pays dividends for companies because it allows employees to spend their time focused on their areas of expertise.

In 2014, econsultancy reported that one third of businesses had outsourced their paid search and display business initiatives. It’s increasingly common for PPC practices to be moved out of house, because there is very little risk in doing so. Within verticals like social media, where so much of the success depends on always-on customer service, testimonials, and innovative product shoots, it makes sense to maintain an in-house team. However, digital marketing firms excel at streamlining effective PPC campaigns for clients. There is an array of benefits to outsourcing digital marketing programs to qualified service providers, including saving time and money, which (as any Lawyer knows) is often a priority at law firms. Additionally, PPC experts are devoted to monitoring the success of ad campaigns and predicting which trends are on the horizon.

Rarely does a week go by in which Google does not introduce some update or new feature to their advertising suite. In working with outside service providers, whose job it is to stay on the pulse of search marketing changes, your firm is more likely to consistently produce high quality and relevant ads. For example, small organizations that employ a team of digital marketers to manage all of their online marketing goals may not be as proficient at monitoring the latest AdWords extensions or conducting ongoing keyword research to ensure the best bids.  For example, Google recently expanded the number of characters in text ads, allowing brands to create product descriptions of up to 80 characters. The expansion allows advertisers to tell a more complete story within a single ad. Since the January launch, PPC experts have been able to experiment with the new format to find the right character lengths for their brands and bids. Additionally, the search engine has also recently added price extensions to the mix; while it’s still too early to see conclusively results on the effectiveness of price extensions, it’s likely that searchers will really respond to seeing a price directly within an ad. Brands that do not partner with PPC experts may be lagging behind on implementing this update to their advantages. In the world of PPC, if your ads are not up-to-date or on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends, you severely risk losing out on valuable search engine page results real estate and, ultimately, clicks.

Outsourcing specific business practices is not a weakness; in fact, more often than not it’s a strength. When you outsource to appropriate third-party providers your setting your organization up for greater success.

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