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Here’s What You Need to Scale Your Agency

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Pitching PPC can be a long process. Every time you work with a new potential client, you will need a set of documents that are specific to that account, which can take a lot of time to manually prepare step by step.

Manual vs Automatic Sales Cycle

Customizing each of these from scratch is not feasible. Agencies that attempt to manage pitch materials this way may frustrate potential clients with prolonged processes, fall behind on other pitches, and miss opportunities to get prepared in other areas of the sales cycle.

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There is a better way to pitch your services, but you’ll need a few of things to get started:

  • Technology: The digital tools available to agencies cut time by automating processes and crunching the numbers faster.
  • Training: Your team must stay up to date with constant feature updates. Get more out of each sales rep with online courses and continuous training.
  • Outsourcing: Starting your department will require time and money. You can close more leads without incurring extra costs by outsourcing to PPC experts.

Read on for more details of each:

Cut Time & Resources

Automation allows advertisers to test, track, and adjust their campaigns by gathering data on user behavior. Anyone can enable these features to determine the effectiveness of their ads, copy, and campaigns. These insights help strategists figure out what elements are worth continuing to invest in and where they should withdraw funds.

Without the right technology, most of our clients have trouble selling their services. It simply becomes too overwhelming to handle all the elements that are essential to closing a PPC deal.

How to Get More Out of Each Sales Rep

At White Shark Media, we make it a point to remind our clients, partners, and readers that PPC and the digital marketing industry are always evolving. This means that learning is a vital component of getting ahead and staying in the game altogether.

Compass by White Shark Media provides online streaming courses on a variety of subjects for both Google and Microsoft platforms. This particular resource was designed with our own strategists and sales teams in mind.

Its XX courses address frustrations about upcoming technology, stale conversations with clients, and provide teams with the tools they need to have fluid conversations about their products and the relevant benefits.

In addition, consulting experts can help iron out doubts about prospecting. Sales reps can learn some important tactics to determine which potential clients to prioritize. If your sales pitches have stalled, our seasoned experts will give your team the skills to handle objections and close more deals.

Outsourcing to Experts

We live in a world that allows businesses to provide expert services without actually producing them themselves. Turning to talented strategists and sales consultants enables your team to increase the volume of leads closed without incurring extra costs. In short, learning takes time and doesn’t come for free.

If you’ve considered adding PPC services to your portfolio, have you thought about some of the costs that agencies incur? As a seasoned agency, we can name a few:

  • Digital tools to streamline your services
  • Training your sales team and your fulfillment team
  • Hiring specialists who understand the industry
  • Marketing your new services
  • Restructuring your service offerings
  • Discovering your competition and ways to outdo them

Even after you’ve invested in these tools, there is no guarantee that they will boost your performance, help you sell your services, or reach your objectives.

This is where managed PPC services can make a huge difference.

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We provide custom PPC solutions and white label services to companies, agencies, and organizations. Our programs include paid advertising management, white label PPC partnerships, and custom solutions for enterprise businesses.

Explore our PPC products and services and learn how our solutions can scale your business.

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If you’ve ever pitched a digital service, you know that the process comprises many different elements and stages. Those who succeed aren’t necessarily working harder than the rest – just smarter than the rest.

If you want to add PPC services to your portfolio or improve your sales, speak to one of our representatives about our various services. Add tools and resources to your business and start achieving your goals today!