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Forget Your Current Marketing Plan, Try This Mother’s Day PPC Strategy

Miguel Saballos

2 years ago



With the special day around the corner, you’re probably stressing how impactful your Mother’s Day PPC strategy will be. Because proper preparation prevents poor performance, if you are in the ecommerce business, you should know how advantageous it is to prepare a digital marketing campaign for a holiday, especially when the competition is fierce.

Did you know?
In 2021, Mother’s day was celebrated by 83% of Americans. 
The average spend grows every year, reaching $220 per person last year. 

mother’s day online spend forecast

So, if you haven’t made it a habit to include your business in marketing online for this holiday, now is the time to ramp up your efforts for your Mother’s Day campaigns.

The Turning Point

According to Google Trends, consumers start purchasing online the first week of April, and these sales peak in the first week of May.

mother’s day online searches 2021

Now that you know when’s the perfect time to go all in, you should also come up with a strategic approach around this timeline. When planning your Mother’s Day PPC strategy, our experts always suggest taking into account the following principles:

  • The earlier you start, the better. Make sure to have everything in place before the high season begins, so you become an option for your potential customers before the competition does.
  • Keep it simple for your customers. If your product is easy to find, purchase, and meets all the requirements, the sale is yours.
  • A special occasion requires a special gift. Considering this, ensure that your offers are personalized and that your audience perceives this.

Mother’s Day 2022 Gifts Search Trends

Trends are vital in helping us identify behaviors and come up with effective strategies. According to Google, the top search gifts are:

mother’s day search categories 2022

Remember that people always look for unique gift ideas before the holiday arrives. That’s why it‘s essential to have your holiday offers set in advance to keep them top of mind and ensure that your keyword strategy aligns with your offers and products.

PPC Strategy Essentials For This FlowersHoliday

You snooze, you lose! In the digital world, things are constantly changing; whether it’s the buyer’s journey, the industry, or the competition, everything is adopting new forms every year. You need to ensure that your Mother’s Day PPC strategy aligns with the latest trends.

2022 Trends & Features to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now, the only question left is, 

What PPC strategy should you use for your Mother’s Day campaign?

Our digital marketing experts have put together three fundamental aspects that you should consider.

1. Adopt a Comprehensive Approach

There are many resources and channels that you can use to maximize your digital marketing results. According to our experts, in addition to Search Ads, there are four top-converting advertising solutions that you can´t miss in your Mother’s Day PPC strategy.

  • Display Ads: Through the Google Display Network, you can connect with new customers or engage with existing customers. These ads are shown to people while browsing their favorite websites, checking their Gmail accounts, or using mobile devices and apps. This strategy will help you increase your audience reach and cast a wider net.
  • Remarketing Ads: One of the most effective methods to increase conversions is by serving up ads and offers to users who have previously interacted with your website. Advertisers can build off interest that’s already there with special offers or customized messages that can guide them to take action.
  • YouTube Ads: This is the second most popular website in the world. Video Ads play before or during a video, and given their reach and format, they help you create awareness and ad recall. Moreover, these ads typically motivate to push viewers’ intent to buy through CTA’s at the end of the video.
  • Social Media: Trends and viral content year-round, consumers take to social media for holiday ideas and suggestions. Placing ads on social media increases exposure, brand awareness and invites traffic to your site.

2. Update Your Content

Content is essential for digital marketing; it is about reaching your audience or showcasing what you offer and what message you are using. One of the best ways to guarantee that your Mothers’ Day campaigns succeed is by creating appealing and engaging content. 

Your main area of focus should be your ads, website, blogs, messaging, and social media for your content. You should make sure that all your content is aligned with your Mother’s Day PPC strategy, no matter what channels you use.

Pro-tips for Mother’s Day Campaigns

  • Before displaying your ads for the holiday, you can start by sharing allusive content through social media, emails, and blogs.
  • Focus on providing unique experiences in addition to customized offers. It’s all about making it special for their loved ones.
  • Highlight your promotions and special offers for the season.
  • Make sure to include relevant details in your posts and ads. i.e., pricing & shipping.

mothers day ppc searches

3. Leverage New Features

The latest advancements in AI and learning algorithms provide insights to help you create outstanding Mother’s Day campaigns, optimize them properly and perform accurate forecasting.

Latest Google Features

  • Demand Forecast: Predict upcoming trends relevant to your business. It gives you valuable insights into the products and services with higher search interest within the following months.
  • Consumer Interest Insights: Understand your target audience’s search intent by looking back on historical data, specifically search terms that have triggered your ads.
  • Audience Insights: Identify your audience’s unique characteristics, interests, and behaviors. You’ll also be able to identify converting segments and the percentage they represent compared to your targeted population.

Call It a Wrap For Your Mother’s Day PPC Strategy

Planning and executing a Mother’s Day PPC strategy takes a lot of work, but it pays off. Some businesses and account managers might perceive it as a waste of time and resources, but the data speaks for itself.

Now is your moment to make the right decision for your business and boost online sales by making the most out of this memorable holiday. Our digital marketing strategists have gathered and tested the strategies mentioned above, so if you find yourself trying to beat the clock this time around. Last-minute support is available to help get your Mother’s Day campaigns set up stat; go ahead and sit down with one of Mother’s day marketing aficionados.