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PPC Agency Growth: 3 Amazing Shark Clips To Watch Right Now

Antonella Saravia

3 years ago



Since before the pandemic, we’ve focused our attention on providing our clients, partners, and readers with the materials and information they need to thrive.

Thriving” means growing at a manageable pace, and to do that gracefully, one needs experts to lead the way. Shark Clips are a way for us to open the floor to ongoing sales conversations with our readers. Our everyday life is filled with businesses just like yours in need of help and search for goals. These Shark Clips are designed to provide the answers and support you need.

We’re here to relay the solutions to some of these common issues. Follow along with 3 of our top Shark Clips on growing your business through structure, filtering, and materials.

Ask a PPC Expert: How to Grow & Scale Your Business

How does one grow?! You wouldn’t think that this is a problem, but it is. Though it’s a common goal for a PPC agency to grow and scale their business, it can get pretty complex to do both simultaneously.

We work alongside PPC start-ups to walk them through the steps to promote growth and prepare for the scale-up phase. Yes, they are two different things, and we’ll get into the details below.

An agency has a good shot at attaining scalability if it establishes efficient processes and prioritizes innovation. We know because we’ve been there, and we’re here to offer our expertise.

Our first video goes over the main differences between growth and scalability, the challenges a PPC company can face, and the goals to keep in mind to achieve growth and scalability.

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Prospecting: Sure Fire Tips for More Efficient Processes

If you’re struggling with your sales pitch, it’s time to consider the possibility that your pitch may not be the problem. According to 40% of salespersons, prospecting is considered the most challenging (and useful) part of the sales process.

Prospecting is the first part of the funnel where sales teams identify new potential clients and attempt to determine the probability of a conversion or match between the client’s needs and your own products or services.

The better you can define your ideal client, the less resources you invest in unlikely matches.

Prospecting is how you find new revenue streams for your business, so even though it is the most challenging, it is also an imperative skill to master.

Our second Shark Clip shares the elements that will help create a client acquisition process that can be a game changer for your PPC ads company.

Our approach focuses on acquisition sources, nurtures lead qualification and establishes a pitch baseline to address your clients’ needs. This process adds value to your services by leveraging resources such as case studies, free audits and proposals, competitive analysis, and more.

Prospecting: Sure Fire Tips for More Efficient Processes

Improving Audits For Your Next Sales Proposal

What is an artist without his brushes? PPC audits and proposals are crucial elements to your blank sales canvas. These materials provide the potential customers with information and credibility, converting interested parties to clients.

Our third and final video may seem more technical and less interesting at first glance, but this is where your team addresses the prospect’s expectations and concerns. The proposal and audit are where the pitch is brought to life.

In an attempt to not abandon our art metaphor, pitch materials are the colorful oils on the canvas, full of detail. In sales, that’s an excellent place to be in the sales funnel.

If you notice that you’re falling short in this stage, we’ve gathered tips to equip your team with top-notch PPC proposals and audits.

Prospecting: Sure Fire Tips for More Efficient Processes


Each of these Shark Clips have been designed to support your team with the everyday challenges of PPC sales. We know because we hear about it daily.

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